The Weapon For JIHAD!!!


Jihad means to utilize all will and power to achieve success not only in this temporary life of this world but also for eternal life in the Hereafter. Therefore, Jihad is not meant against the body of man, but it is against the soul (mentality). It should be for the sake of the Creator Lord and should be helpful for the wellbeing of whole creatures including mankind for a peaceful or tranquil life here. As there is not a group of believers today anywhere in the world, the odd believer should do Jihad with ‘Adhikr’ (Lord’s Message) against the hypocrites and Kafirs (disbelievers) who try to hinder the propagation of ‘It’ after receiving. If Jihad is not done with Adhikr which is the Balance and Trust to keep the Earth in its equilibrium, the universe will not exist. Adhikr is the Real Knowledge as well as the Speech of the Lord meant for the entire mankind. It is the Food, Cloth, and Sight of the human soul.

Unfortunately, the people of last Messenger people of last Messenger, the bearers of ‘the body of the Lord’s Book’—Quran—don’t even know the name of the ‘Splendid Book’ is ‘Adhikr’ in Which “no falsehood shall enter before or after Its codification”. By messing with the body of the Book, these bore people mentioned in verse 25: 18 are darted away from Islam—the True way of life. Some groups among them are even involved in terrorism considering and boasting it as Jihad; actually, it is the Jihad for the sake of Satan. These all are happening due to lack of learning and teaching Adhikr—Soul of the Book—after the 30 years of Messenger Muhammad’s departure. And then the ‘so-called Ulamas (hypocritical leaders)’ started to misinterpret and distort Lord’s verses to uphold their whims as well as to keep up the political and organizational interests. Kafirs include all the leaders, anchors, Imams and their blind followers from different Fujjar organizations who belong to Satan’s party. The Trust Adhikr is revealed to punish them. Just like Lord, Adhikr is also known as the Safeguard. All evils are happening from Kafir Satan. Hence if anyone keeps the Lord in his heart with Adhikr, no evil shall affect him.

Therefore, I would like to introduce Adhikr as the Mightiest Weapon to do real Jihad individually and socially against the Kafirs to establish peace, tranquility, and harmony of human unity.


Oh, man! Read the following, meditate whether your concept about the Lord is correct or not.

The Lord of the world is the One Who created all seven heavens, seven Earths and all things (including mankind) in between them within 6 days. Then He established on the Throne, you have no protectors or intercessors besides Him.

He is the Three Time Knower, He knows the past, present, and future of each and everything. He is the Impartial Lord Who taught Adhikr—the soul of the Book—to everyone from the Paradise itself.

He is the One Who created everything in pairs from the Earth produces, from themselves and the other things they do not know.

He is the One Who created pairs of male and female from ‘Nuthfa’ (Sperm from male/ ovum from female) when it is emitted from the father and mother.

He is the One Who created man from water, and made blood relationships of lineage and marriage; He is capable of everything.

He is the One Who shaped mankind in the womb as He wishes; He is capable upon everything.

He is the One Who created you from a single Soul and made its mate from it, so he may dwell with her in love.

He is the One Who created male and female from the embryo, made love and mercy in between.

He is the One Who has not been comprehended by visions, while He comprehends all visions, He is the one who knows the feelings of the soul, Well-Acquainted.

He is the One upon Whom neither a thing on Earth nor in Heaven is hidden; He is All-Hearing All-Knowing.

He is the One with Whose remembrance shall cause no disaster from whatever is on Earth or in the sky; He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

He is the One who taught each and everything the mode of prayer of Him and the Glorification of Him.

He is the One to Whom whatever in Heavens and Earth glorifies, He is the Sovereign, the Sanctified, the Mightiest and the Wise.

He is the One Who is the acquainted observer of His servants.

He is the One Who knows the innermost feelings and Well-Acquainted of His servants.

He is the One Who is enough to acquaint the offenses of His servants.

He is the One Who has the best knowledge about the feelings of servants.

He is the One Who knows the treachery of the eyes and what is hidden in the chests.

He is the One who seizes not either slumber or sleep.

He is the One Who is a Witness upon everything.

He is the One Who is the Custodian of everything.

He is the One Who is the Disposer and Authority upon everything.

Indeed, He is the One Who is capable to bring anyone to his/her previous condition.

Indeed, the Lord is comprehensive observing.

He is the One Who is the acquainted observer of the offenses of His servants.

He is the One Who is the Best knower of all unseen things.

He is the One Who is with you wherever you are.

He is the One Who exists in between the person and the heart in believers.

He is the One Who if intends a thing, He commands to it: “Be”, then it is.

He is the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Sovereign, there is no deity except Him.

Then whoever calls or invokes for help unseeingly from other than Lord Allah (the only Deity), he is serving Satan—the Kafir. Through verse 112: 1-4 Lord commands the Prophet and today the believer to say: “He is Allah, the One and Only. Allah, the Eternal Absolute (He is not depending on anyone while everyone depends upon Him). He no begets, nor is He begotten. There is none just like Him”. And in verse 42: 11 said: “There is nothing just like Him, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Seeing”.

Oh, man bestowed with intelligence! You are deputed on Earth to live as the vicegerent of the Lord. So, don’t be a vicegerent of Satan by ignoring your Creator Lord. Therefore, if anyone understands his Creator Lord as Adhikr—the Wise Reminder—reveals, he can’t even think for doing any evil deed which is harmful to any creature including mankind.


Before men, Sprites (Jinns) were created and deputed on Earth as the vicegerents of Lord Allah. Jinns’ bodies were created from the flame (15: 27). Both Sprite and man are granted the freedom to be grateful or ungrateful. All Angels are believers and they have no freedom of choice. When all Sprites became transgressors on Earth without bearing Lord’s representation, Angels under the leadership of Iblis wiped them out completely. At that time, Iblis who belongs to Jinn as mentioned in verse 18: 50, had not turned as a rebel Kafir Satan.

Then Lord created mankind in the Paradise to depute them to the Earth as His vicegerents. Lord pottered the first man Adam’s body from the clay and blown from His own ‘Spirit’ (Life + Soul) into him. By blowing from ‘Lord’s Spirit’ the Lord bestowed mankind ‘Spirit of the Book’—Adhikr—which is the constitution, ways and practices of the Lord as well as the knowledge of past, present, and future. Since man is bestowed with the Spirit of the Book, he is honored above all creatures. When the Lord commanded the group of Angels including Iblis from Jinn to prostrate before Adam, all Angels prostrated except Iblis. He disobeyed the Lord and thus he became Satan—the Kafir (disbeliever) and was expelled from the Paradise. Consequently, he requested: “Oh my Lord, since You have made me aimless, I will make things on Earth seem attractive to them; I will make them all aimless astray except your sincere servants who live serving You alone”. So Impartial Lord granted an opportunity to him for tempting and deviating man from the ‘Straightpath’. Further Lord told Satan: “While I provide a child to Adam (the first man), you too will be provided with a child who can stay in human heart and travel throughout the bloodstream”. The first woman Eve was created from the soul of Adam with the command of Lord: “Be” as mentioned in verses 4: 1; 7: 189 and 39: 6.

In Paradise, all fruits and enjoyments except the sexual intercourse are allowed. Then by the temptation of Satan, Adam and Eve tried to enjoy the ‘forbidden fruit—the sexual intercourse’; thus, their private organs were exposed. So, they started to patch their nakedness with leaves from Paradise. Their Lord called them both and asked: “Didn’t We prohibit you regarding that fruit? Didn’t We also tell you that Satan is surely the manifest enemy to both of you?” Adam, who felt sorry in the heart was given words from the Lord for returning into the Straightpath by repenting as told in verse 2:37 and 7: 23. Then they both prayed: “Our Lord, we have done wrong to our soul; if You don’t forgive us and if You don’t shower your Mercy upon us, we will be included among the losers”. Lord accepted their repentance; indeed, He is the Oft-Forgiving; Merciful.

Then Lord sent all men and Satan down to the Earth from Paradise. Lord said them: “Get you all down from here; while the Guidance—Adhikr—comes to you from Me, anyone who follows My Guidance, upon them there shall be no fear, and for them will not be grieved”. With the rhythmic balance of the wind, Adam carrying all the children up to the Last Day on his nape and Eve were descended into the Earth as explained in verse 2:164.


The soul of the man must undergo seven phases; they are: -


While creating whole mankind (soul) in the Paradise, Creator Lord made a covenant from each one by asking: “Am I not your Lord”, all of them replied: “Yes, we do witness” (7: 172-174). Everyone agreed that Lord is the only authority for giving rules and regulations needed for the peace and tranquil life in this world, and only to the Lord, everyone must answer about his worldly life on the Day of Judgment.


Then transferred all of them into the nape of Adam and were sent down to the Earth. The duration of this phase/stage may vary from man to man which can’t be calculated. The Lord asks through verse 76: 1: “Hasn’t a long period passed for the man when he was nothing worth mentioning?”


Lord created the body of the man by mingling the sperm of the father and ovum of the mother to test him. So, He blessed him with hearing and sight. When the growing embryo (sperm + ovum) having life attains four months in the womb of the mother, the soul from the concerned father’s nape is transferred into the fetus through an Angel. Thus, the child gets the ‘Rooh’ (Spirit=both soul and life). This phase lasts until the 15th age of one’s life. Any child that dies before attaining 15th age will return to Paradise.


This phase starts from the age of 15th and lasts up to death. This is the significant phase to identify the Lord by utilizing Adhikr—the Insight, confirm to be a believer and to prepare Paradise to inherit it in the 7th phase.


This phase starts when death happens; i.e. Spirit departs from the body. During sleep, only the soul departs where life remains in the body. But in death Spirit departs. After death, the soul alone (with no life) will be returned to the body and will taste either the Paradise (for believers) or the Hell (for disbelievers). This phase extends until the Resurrection Day.


This phase is the ‘Judgment Day’, a day lasts for 50,000 years of this worldly life as explained in verse 70: 4. In this phase, whole mankind will be gathered with soul, life, and body like the 4th phase. They will be naked, barefooted and uncircumcised. Then all will undergo Trial according to the computer Record fastened around his/her neck.


This is the destination and eternal phase of man. Whoever prepares the Paradise by utilizing Adhikr (the Light) in the 4th phase will inherit it in this phase. Those who didn’t receive the Book will be sent to other worlds (other than the Paradise or Hell) by the Lord of the worlds. They will be drunk from the ‘Kouther Lake’, a drink with which no thirst will feel forever (108: 1-3). The hypocrites and their followers, since they disregard the Splendid Book Adhikr (the Ticket to the Paradise as well as the Safeguard against the Hell) after receiving It will inherit the Hell as a fine for their aimless life in the 4th phase.

Therefore, oh man! You realize the fact that what we call ‘I’, ‘you’ is not the visible physical body! On the contrary, it is the soul. The body is the vehicle to travel for the soul. It is an Earthen ‘frame or a mold’ developed by the Supreme Creator Lord. The disbelievers who by ignoring Adhikr—the Food of the soul—are preferring this temporary worldly life than the eternal Hereafter.


Just like the human soul, the soul of the 313 books (Scriptures) is the same, It is named Adhikr. The Book revealed periodically from Paradise to the Earth is having the same soul with different bodies. If the body of ‘Bhagavat Gita’ is in Sanskrit, the body of ‘Torah’ is in Hebrew, the body of ‘Injeel’ is in Aramaic, the body of ‘Zaboor’ is in Greek, the body of the Quran is in Arabic; the soul Adhikr is the same. From first Messenger Nooh to the last Messenger Muhammad, Adhikr (Wise Message) alone is revealed as mentioned in verses 16: 43-44; 21: 24; 41: 43 and 53: 56. All the Scriptures were revealed as the Guidance for the entire mankind of that period and It is for identifying the Lord, oneself and the aim of life. All the Books are ‘Quran’ which means ‘for repeated reading’ as noted in verse 15: 91. So Adhikr should be read repeatedly. The final version of Adhikr revealed to Prophet Muhammad contains all the right and straight parts of the previous Books and their explanations (16: 44 and 98: 2-3). Its body is in the Arabic language. Not Quran, but Adhikr (Soul of the Book) is mentioned as ‘the Splendid Book’ in verse 41: 41. Lord says in verse 15: 9: “Indeed We sent down Adhikr, and indeed We will Safeguard It”. The 'Three Time Knowledge' (Adhikr) from the 'Three Time Knower' (Lord) mentioned in verse 25: 58 is codified in the form of the Book by the 'Three Time Knower mentioned in verse 25: 59’. It explains each and everything as told in verse 16: 89. It is the only Book of Lord that reminds about the Lord, Angels, Sprites, Satans, Messengers, Prophets, believers, hypocrites, Kafirs, the aim of life, Hereafter, etc. in one’s own heart’s language. Lord’s Book Adhikr is the Straightpath.


Islam, the natural religion is the submission of will and whole life to the Creator or a lifestyle codified under the shadow of the Book Adhikr which is satisfied by the Lord for entire creatures. ‘Dheen (True way of life)’ is related to the soul whereas the ‘Shariath (practical deeds)’ is related to the body. ‘Dheen’ is the same from the first man Adam till the Last Day as explained in verses 3: 19 as: “Indeed Dheen (True way of life) with Lord Allah is Islam, those who received the Book differed only after Knowledge came to them out of envy towards each other, whoever hides verses of Lord Allah after receiving It, then surely Lord is prompt in reckoning”. ‘Dheen’ is related to the individual, while ‘Shariath’ is demanded to implement if there is a group of believers. Today, since there is no group of believers anywhere in the world, there is no question of implementing ‘Islamic Shariath’. During the Last period, Prophet advised the illiterate believers to go to the jungle and exist by biting the bottom of the tree till death. Then Lord will take out His Spirit from the body, and the body will be transferred into anthill as explained in verses 17: 49 and 98. Prophet also advised the literate believers to holdfast Adhikr (which gives peace and tranquility for hearts as told in verse 13: 28) with their molar teeth. By holding fast Adhikr with the molar teeth, the Pole-shift of Earth will not be extended. So, the odd believers should convey the Lord’s Message to the entire world which advises and teaches how to maintain the equilibrium. By holding fast Adhikr, one can holdfast the Lord, and he is guided to the Straightpath. Lord says in verse 6: 153: “And verily, this is My Straightpath, so follow It and don’t follow other paths which will separate you from His path; that is the things He instructed you with, so that you may become utilizing your intelligence”. Therefore, a person who belongs to any nation, tribe, religion, language, sex, color, etc. if lives under the Light of the Book, he is in Islam and Straightpath—the only way to the Lord. He doesn’t need to undergo baptism and no need to change his name or costume. In short, there is no conversion of religion in Islam, but only forming belief by soul utilizing Adhikr.

Messengers were deputed from mankind to live and guide the people according to the Book. To turn people’s attention to the Lord and to frighten them, some tests such as famine, calamities and terrifying wars were tried; and some divine Miracles were shown by the Lord through Prophets. Even with extreme opposition of majority, a small group of people accepted this way of life and eventually the religion of the Lord is established here. All Messengers came with One Message—Adhikr. After the departure of a Messenger, people by neglecting and rejecting the Book gradually deviated from Straightpath by the temptation of Satan. They formed a new way of life according to their whims and interests. When all the people became wrongdoers and transgressors, Lord saved the Prophets and believers with him and wiped out the wrongdoers due to their evil deeds and transgressions as explained in verse 6: 47. After the departure of the existing Messenger, the successors deviated from the Straightpath. They started to follow satanic footsteps such as black magic, omen, sorcery, manipulation in the measure, invoking the saint people besides Lord, accepting protectors besides Lord, forging intercessors to Lord, priesthood, offering food items and sacrificing animals besides to Lord. They disintegrated into different groups having envy towards one another and involved in bloodsheds and other mischievous activities. Then a new Messenger was sent to save them. But only a few of them accepted the Messenger and Message whereas most of the people told: “We reject with what you have been sent with”. In all the periods of Messengers, illiterates and weak people were only ready to accept the Messenger. The transgressed people even killed Prophets, but they were not able to kill the Messengers since they were sent with the Message. Today since Adhikr—the Safeguard—is formed, if anyone holdfasts It, he holdfasts the Safeguard-Lord. So, any Jinn Satan or human Satan can’t do any harm or any disturbance to him. Lord says in verse 10: 103: “Then We are saving Our Messengers and those who are believers, thus it is the duty upon Us to save the believers”. Through verse 40: 51 Lord declares: “Indeed We will help Our Messengers and those who are believers in this world as well as on the Day when the witness stands for”. And verse 30: 47 ends as: “It was due upon Us to help the believers”.

By hiding Thourath—Book sent to Messenger Moses—the Jewish priests lived as white colored graves and led the people to live without a soul. Though Jesus preached against their exploitation and misguiding, the children of Israel were not ready to believe (Mathew: 23:1-36.) Only 13 disciples from among them were ready to follow Jesus. The Jewish priests influenced the Roman Governor to crucify Jesus and at last, they decided to crucify him. But the Mighty exalted Lord Allah raised Jesus bodily to the 2nd Heaven. As explained in verses 4: 157-158 the Lord raised him by a whirlwind to the heaven and transformed Surjjas’ (Judas’—one of the disciples) face to that of Jesus. Then the Roman soldiers captured Surjjas and ‘he’ was crucified. The rest of the twelve disciples trembled by facing situations such as the disbelief of the people, mocking and spy work of Jewish priests and the partiality of Roman rulers; could not explain to the people the fact that Jesus was raised to the heaven by the Lord of the worlds. Afterward, they could not work together in a place; they disintegrated and continued preaching the Message individually in different places. Meanwhile ‘Paul’ (one of the Jews), among the enemies of Jesus came as a self-declared ‘apostle’ and started to preach a new way of belief against the Message and teaching of Jesus under the support and permission of Jews and Roman rulers. Thus, they became different groups and deviated from the Straightpath.

After Jesus, when the world became dark and was about to be destroyed, Lord deployed Prophet Muhammad (who has been mentioned as ‘Kalki’ in the Hindu Scriptures and as the ‘steward’ or ‘the soul of truth’ in the Bible) as the last Prophet and Messenger of Islam. The ignorance of the morally degraded children of Ismael became so dark that both males and females were encompassing the Ka’ba in the nude. Prophet Muhammad’s people also rejected him and the Message. They mocked him: “Is it upon you, the illiterate person, the Book is revealed? Nay, you are an odd liar”. Later they even conspired to murder him. Thus, he migrated to Medina from Mecca along with some believers. At Medina some more believers accepted him. There he had to face so many conflicts including wars, and more crucial enmity from the hypocrites and Jews. After 8 years of migration, he conquered back Mecca without having bloodshed which is known as “Meccan Triumph”. Lord revealed the Message upon Prophet within 23 years and thus Islam (the way of Life from the first man Adam to the Last Day) is completed.

Prophet foretold: “After 30 years of my departure, Islam will disintegrate into different parts. Then gradually my people will follow 29 pseudo prophets and will urge to welcome the 30th pseudo prophet Maseeh-A-Dajjal (Antichrist according to Bible / Kali according to Vedas)”. After the 30th year of Muhammad’s departure, 4th Khalifa Ali and his two sons were murdered by the deviated Fujjar and then they converted caliphate to the kingdom. Since they discarded the Book Adhikr, they discarded Lord and Prophet; and started to follow pseudo prophets serving Satan.

Prophet foretold: “The people who read the Quran are in three groups. (1) ‘Fajir’—who will eat the body of the Book and thus dart away from Dheen (Islam) as an arrow darts from the bow. (2) ‘Kafir/Munafiq’—who knows the contents but doesn’t follow It or teaches It to the people. (3) ‘Believer/Muamin’—who will understand and follow the Message in his day-to-day life. Among these, the believer will get reward by reciting the Book; and all other Arabic Quran reading Fujjar (including hypocrites and their blind followers) are the inmates of Hell from mankind”. The deviated Fujjar by ignoring the soul started to give importance to the body just like they consider the body of the Book Quran ignoring Its soul Adhikr. As told in verse 3: 72: “Even though Jews’ conspiracy was there in Medina against Prophet and the propagation of Islam, it was not succeeded. Gradually they disguised and sneaked into Islam, and started to influence hypocrites in writing books distorting Lord’s Book”. Some of the hypocrites started to write ‘books of deeds and rituals’ without considering Lord’s Book-Adhikr neglecting verse 2:79, and the common people followed those books and considered them as Madhab Imams (actually in Arabic Madhab means ‘those who went away from Dheen). Gradually different groups were formed among the people of the last Messenger, and each group is rejoicing with what they have with. All of them don’t even know the name of the Lord’s Book. Instead, they introduced the public ‘body of the Book Quran’ as the book of Lord. They began to read the Quran falsifying Prophet’s teaching: “If anyone reads Quran without understanding the contents, he will be darted away from True Dheen as an arrow is darted away from its bow”. In short, after 30 years of Prophet’s departure, there is not a well-known believer among the people of the last Messenger. Instead, the odd believer may be here-and-there. The symbols and monuments such as crescent, green color, the number ‘786’, tombs and minarets considering as Islamic are not having any relation to Real Islam and the Prophet. All pseudo prophets and hypocritical leaders started calling the people to their ideas and way of life. They are not following or inviting the people to the Lord’s Book and thus not to the Prophet. They are not witnessing Prophet’s life among the ‘other-people’ belonging to the Messenger Muhammad’s Ummath (community). Giving Zakkath (compulsory charity) they are not considering orphans, indigents, needy, poor, etc. from whole mankind, instead, they are considering only their people; and that also not according to the regulations commanded by the Lord.

Today if one utilizes Adhikr as the Criterion and Insight, he can see that the natural way of life—Islam—is reflecting comparatively more in Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Christians, ‘other-people’ and even in Atheists than the people of last Messenger. People who are bearing the latest Book like the ‘Quran’, ‘Bible’ are leading a more strayed life than the people who bear the previous Books. Why Atheists are more in Islam than the people of the last Messenger and Christians? It is because they are better at keeping their words and promises, and they are less in mischievous activities like communalism, partiality, corruption, and bribery than Fujjar. Today, Arabic Quran reading Fujjar by hiding and falsifying the Lord and Prophet in the Book are involved in all satanic mischievous activities like sodomy, rape, smuggling, murder, black market, bullying, etc. They even utter with their tongue: “Lord Allah is great!” without testifying it with their hearts. So, they are all hypocrites who open their mouths for telling lies and who will not fulfill their promises and covenant made with Lord. Thus, they became the transgressors. If anyone believes them, certainly they will cheat and will trap him to the satanic groups. By cheating the Lord, His Messenger and believers are cheating themselves. So, there is no chance of any good to happen from such bore people who have forgotten Adhikr. Through verse 10: 58 Lord commands: “You rejoice with Adhikr—the Mercy and Bounty—which is better than whatever you are gathering”. By ignoring not only this verse but also whole 6236 verses, they are leading a worst humiliating life as underdogs than the cursed Jews in Medina during Prophet’s period. Verse 2: 161 says: “Indeed those who hide verses of Lord Allah and die hiding all verses of Allah will have Allah’s curse upon them, as well as the Angels’ and all mankind’s”.



Jihad means the strenuous striving for the sake of Lord to fulfill the ‘aim of life’ utilizing all the powers and bounties bestowed by Him. It is commanded to do Jihad only to true believers against the real disbelievers. Since Impartial Lord hasn’t made compulsion in the Dheen (True way of life), there is no Jihad for the religious cause. Lord says in verse 2:256: “There is no compulsion in Dheen. The right way has been made clear in the wrong ways. Therefore, anyone who rejects the arrogant ones and believes in Allah has grasped the Firmest Rope which will never break, Lord Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing”.  So, one can be a believer by holding the ‘Firmest Rope—Adhikr. Verses 10: 99-100 say: “If your Lord had so whished, everyone on Earth would have believed solemnly! So, will you force mankind to become believers? It is not up to any soul to believe unless with Allah’s Permission; He places a blight on those who don’t use their intelligence.” So male or female will not become a believer without Adhikr, which is the Permission of the Lord.

Man is given freedom either to be grateful or ungrateful, i.e. to select either the way of Lord or the ways of Satan. So, the believer must do Jihad for the persistence of such a situation. The aim of life is returning to Paradise (the House of Lord) utilizing the ‘Ticket—Adhikr’. Through both in verses 73: 19 and 76: 29 Lord says: “Indeed This is the Ticket for the one who selects the way to his Lord”. The heedful believers only utilize the Ticket in the 4th phase’s journey testifying verse 69: 48. The believer will not only holdfast Adhikr but also will propagate It to the entire mankind. By conveying the Lord’s Message Adhikr, he is helping the Lord, and then the Lord will help him back as told in verses 22: 40 and 47: 7. Remember that Lord has given freedom for everyone to accept or reject the Ticket after It has come to them. Lord says in verse 16: 44: “We have revealed ‘Adhikr’ into you which contains all the previous Books and their explanations, so that you may clearly explain the mankind what has been revealed to them, so that they may meditate and reflect”. So, there should be freedom for the propagation of Adhikr throughout the world.

Today the Arabic Quran reading Fujjar are bearing the Quran (the body of the Book) as burden carrying donkeys without considering Its soul, so they will only prevent and avoid the propagation of Adhikr—the Straightpath. The countries having the majority of ‘other-people’ such as India, America, Britain, France, Switzerland, and China, there will be no obstruction for propagating Lord’s Book—Adhikr. But in Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt, there is no freedom even to introduce Adhikr as the Lord’s Book which is meant for the entire mankind.

Verse 9: 6 says: “If any Mushrik asks you (believer) for protection, then grant him asylum, escort him to a place where he can find peace and safety; it is because they are the people who haven’t heard about Adhikr—Real Knowledge”. Here mentioned Mushriks are those who associate others in the dominion of the Lord before receiving Adhikr, where the Mushriks mentioned in verses 33: 73; 98: 6; 48: 6 are those who associate others in the dominion of Lord after receiving Adhikr.

Therefore, the odd believer should do Jihad with Adhikr against these Fujjar who by hiding and rejecting It force the people to accept their satanic way of life. Since Adhikr is the Balance and Trust to keep the universe in its equilibrium, the believer also will propagate It among entire mankind irrespective of nation or religion.

Jihad is the inevitable duty of an individual and a group of believers. During the period of Prophet, there was a group of believers, so fighting with the body, weapons and wealth were included in Jihad as told in verses 9: 111 and 61: 10. In any circumstance, to kill women/children/old men/handicapped/patients, harming the animals, destroying the cultivations, etc. are not permitted in Islam. Today since there is no group of believers anywhere in the world, the odd believer should do Jihad with Adhikr—the Safeguard—against the Kafirs testifying verse 25: 52 which says: “You should not obey the disbelievers; strive against them with the utmost strenuousness using Adhikr”. Kafirs mentioned in verse are those who hide and reject the Book after receiving It.

The people who received the Book belong to two parties: One is the “Believer Lord’s party” and the other is the “disbeliever Satan’s party”. Today the various Fujjar groups in the world are belonging to Satan’s party. So, the believer 1 in 1000 who belongs to the Lord’s party will do Jihad against different Kuffar groups. Then what will be the approach of the believer towards the ‘other-people’ belonging to the Prophet’s community’ such as Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Jews, Christians? The believer will introduce them to the Lord’s Message Adhikr which is the Safeguard/Shield to protect from all disasters, calamities, diseases, evils, etc. as well as the strongest Weapon to do Jihad against terrorism. Lord says through verse 29: 69: “And those who do Jihad in Our cause; indeed, We will guide them into Our ways. Indeed, Lord is with those who follow the Best Book—Husna”. That means the believer who does Jihad against the original Kafirs and terrors are ‘Muhsins’, and they are only living in the Straightpath. Verse 22: 78 ends as: “And you hold fast with Allah, He is the Master of you what a Best Master and what a Best Helper!” So, anyone who holdfasts Adhikr (the Safeguard), he is holding fast the Lord of the worlds (the Safeguard mentioned in verse 59:23). Today, if there is a group of believers present among the people of last Messenger, they are commanded to witness Prophets’ life among mankind testifying both verses 2: 143 and 22: 78 which say: “You might be a witness upon mankind such as the Messenger witnessed upon you”. But the Arabic Quran reading by hiding Adhikr (Book of Witness) are serving Satan and are following 29 pseudo prophets.

Through both verses 9: 73 and 66: 9 Lord orders by calling the Prophet, and today the odd believer: "Do Jihad against the Kuffar and hypocrites, and behave harshly with them; their return is to the Hell". Kuffar specified in this verse as well as anywhere in the Book like in verses 9: 68, 123 and 48: 29 are those who repeatedly hide or reject Adhikr after receiving It. It is told in verses 4: 150-151 that all the different groups of Arabic Quran reading Fujjar are the real Kafirs; and for them, heinous punishment is kept reserved. In verse 11: 17 it is told: “Anyone from groups of Fujjar hides and rejects Adhikr—the Book of Witness/ Guide/ Mercy/ Truth/ Explanation—then Fire is promised to him”. Note that it isn’t mentioned ‘anyone from mankind’, instead, it is told ‘anyone from the groups of Fujjar’. The hypocrites who hide, distort, and prevent Lord’s verses, as well as their blind followers who reject verses, are the inmates of Hades is told in verses 2: 39; 5: 10, 86; 57: 19 and 64:10. They are the worst people near Allah since they don’t hear Adhikr and don’t speak It to others.

The latest Book Adhikr revealed to Prophet Muhammad was in his people’s language—Arabic. Most of them were literates whereas Muhammad and most of his followers were illiterates. So, during the period of Prophet, Kafirs included the people of the Book (Jews & Christians) and his people. But today the Kafirs include the hypocritical leaders who are hiding, distorting and misinterpreting verses of the Book; and the Kuffar who are repeatedly rejecting and hiding all verses of Lord Allah. In verse 48: 29 says: “Muhammad is the Messenger of the Lord and those who with him are strict hard against the Kuffar and compassionate in between them”. Today Fujjar are not leading or witnessing Prophet’s life among mankind anywhere in the world. ‘Other-people’ are not rejecting the Lord or Prophet generally. If any exceptional voice is raising from any part of the world against Lord or Prophet, it is due to the lack of their Real Knowledge about Islam. It is also due to the Fujjar’s false propagation of Islam as well as their boasting that they are the people of Prophet and Islam without having the Truth—Adhikr. If the ‘other-people’ criticize or blame Prophet or Islam by seeing Arabic Quran reading Fujjar’s worst way of life, the burden of it should be borne by the hypocrites and Kuffar near Lord Allah, the Impartial. Lord says in verse 33: 73: “The Trust—Adhikr—is revealed to punish the hypocritical men and hypocritical women as well as the men and women who associate others in the dominion of the Lord; and to accept the repentance from the believing men and believing women, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

In verse 83: 7 it is told: “The Ledger of Fujjar is in ‘Sijjeen’ of the Hell”. The ‘Fujjar’ includes both the hypocritical leaders and their blind followers. The virtuous people’s ledger is in ‘Illiyeen’ of the Paradise as mentioned in verse 83: 18.  So the virtuous one can ascend the heavens by utilizing Adhikr—the Light— as the vehicle and can register his righteous deeds in the ledger ‘Illiyeen’.


Terrorism means the deliberate commission of an act of violence to create an emotional response through the suffering of the victims in the maintenance of political, social and religious agenda. Today the people of last Messenger across the world are divided into different fractions and became ‘Mushriks’; each group rejoices with what they have by rejecting verses 30: 31-32 and 23: 51-53. Some of them are compelling their motives upon others. Some Arabic Quran reading Fujjar groups to get supremacy over other groups and over ‘other-people’ (belonging to Messenger Muhammad’s community) are involved in terrorist activities such as bloodshed, kidnapping, raping and robbery. By hiding the Truth (Adhikr) they decide/declare that they are the believers and all ‘other-people’ (who didn’t receive the Book) are disbelievers. And they try to justify their terrorist acts as Jihad. They are doing Jihad for the sake of Satan. Yes, these pseudo Jihadists are welcoming the 30th pseudo prophet Antichrist Satan and are hurrying for the Dooms Day.

For doing the pseudo-Jihad, the transgressing hypocrites are recruiting the youths offering money, drugs, females, kids for sodomy, liquor, etc. By providing these worldly enjoyments and leading them to heinous deeds, later as a confession the leaders tell them: “You have to kill our enemies acting as suicide-bombers to reach Paradise where you will get the virgin ladies”. These human devils even don’t know that the inmates of Paradise will not have sexual organs and sexual intercourse is the forbidden fruit there. Therefore, instead of earning Paradise, they are earning Hellfire where the Kafir male and Kafir female will dwell thereby threading penises through the vaginas which they were wishing in the worldly life. The terrorists who are helping and serving Satan are not because the Rooh (Spirit) for everyone is from the Lord. By killing a man (separating Rooh from the body), they are killing the Lord. This Mujirims (mad men) who don’t utilize their intelligence is giving more importance to bodily and worldly life than the Hereafter. The wrongdoing people are those who are forbidding mankind from the way of Lord—Adhikr—and are trying to twist It and they are not believing in the Hereafter as told in verses 11: 18-19. Their so-called Ulamas (hypocritical leaders) are not preventing or admonishing them from any mischievous activities or bloodshed. They are the real enemies of Lord, Messenger and the believers, who have been killed by the Lord as told in verses 41: 26-28 and 63: 4. ‘They have been killed’ means, they are just like in sleeping condition; i.e. they have only life without the soul. Lord asks through verse 32: 18: “Is then a man of belief is just like a man of transgression? Nay, they are not equal”. Today if any Fujjar who reads these verses doesn’t become a believer with Adhikr, he is a transgressor. Verse 9: 67 says: “The hypocritical men and hypocritical women, they belong to the same group, they command with evil things and forbid what is Just (Adhikr); they will hold close their hands without paying charity, they have forgotten Lord, so He has forgotten them. Indeed, the hypocrites are the transgressors”. About these transgressors in verse 58: 19 says: “They are included in the party of Satan and such are the losers”. It is told in verse 2: 99: “None hides verses of the Lord except the transgressors”. In verse 59:19 says: “The transgressors are those who by hiding and rejecting Adhikr—the Wise Reminder—have forgotten Lord Allah as well as their souls. Indeed, Satans from both men and Jinns have abstained away from hearing Adhikr as told in verse 26: 212. They are the people who read in verse 5: 32 that if anyone who kills a person except as a punishment for murder or for causing mischief in the land, it will be as if he had killed the whole mankind; and if anyone who spares a life, acts as if he had granted life to the whole mankind. The hypocritical leaders should have to bear the burden of themselves as well as the burden of those whom they misled without having the Real Knowledge, what the worst burden they have to bear is warned through verse 16: 25. The leaders of the people of last Messenger are entitled to learn and teach Adhikr—the soul of the Book—for entire mankind to maintain peace and tranquility in the world. If anyone neglects this responsibility, he should bear the burden of it on the Day of Judgment. Verse 20: 99-101 say: “If anyone neglects Adhikr (the Message), he should bear the burden on the Day of Judgment; they will abide in it forever, what the worst burden they have to bear on the Day of Judgment”. If any Fujjar doesn’t drop the burden carrying on his neck by testifying and propagating Adhikr, he is carrying evil burdens as told in verse 6: 31.

Today we can see in every Islamic country such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen that they are divided into different groups, killing and slaughtering each other falsifying the Book—Adhikr, all the Messengers and the Lord. The real disbelievers mentioned in verses 4: 150-151 are teaching their children in ‘Madrassas’ (religious schools) that all other people belonging g Messenger’s community are Kafirs (disbelievers). They are not paying ‘Zakkath’ or ‘Sadaqa’ (charity) to the people other than Fujjar. They are not even considering ‘other-people’ as the creatures of the Lord. They are not considering or agreeing with the fact that Prophet Muhammad is sent for entire mankind rejecting verses 7: 157-158; 21:107 and 34: 28. While the previous people slew their Prophets at once without any justification, today Fujjar by bearing Prophets’ name and by indulging in heinous and shameful deeds are torturing Prophets which is more heinous than slaying Prophets at once. Due to this, all their deeds will be futile and they have disgrace in this world as well as in the Hereafter. That is because the hypocritical leaders are hiding and obstructing mankind from Adhikr (Creator Lord’s Book); instead, they are those who learn and follow and command the people with falsehood books written by the creatures. The hypocrites who have been given verses of Lord slipped away from them, as a result, Satan persuaded him and he became aimless, followed his whims, his parable is that of a dog which will never change its attitude whether it is disturbed or not; that is the parable of the people who reject Lord’s verses as told in verses 7:175- 176. In verse 7: 179 it is told that most of the Jinns and humans are decided to be filled up in the Hell, they have hearts but they don’t understand the aim of life, they have eyes but they do not see the Insight with it, they have ears, they do not hear Adhikr with it, they are like cattle; nay, they are the most strayed than them and such are heedless. Here mentioned heedlessly are aimless. Both the hypocritical leaders and weaklings are mentioned as the worst creatures in the land and they are the inmates of Hellfire from mankind as told in verse 98: 6.

Whoever involves in bloodshed or mischievous activities such as sodomy, prostitution, rape, fornication, and incendiary anywhere in this world; the hypocritical leaders and the Kuffar should have to bear the punishment near Lord Allah. Lord Allah is Merciful only to the believers, whereas for the disbelievers and wrongdoers Lord will take revenge. Verse 32:22 says: “Who is more unjust than the one who has been reminded with verses of Lord; then neglected them; indeed, We will revenge such Mujirims (mad men).” In verse 7: 40 Lord says: “Those who reject Our verses and feel arrogance towards them, the gates of Heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter the Paradise- until a camel can pass through the eye of tailors’ needle, thus We reward the Mujirims”. Here and every verse in Quran Mujirims include the weakling followers and the hypocritical leaders. Terrorists think that they are serving Lord and are doing Jihad for the sake of Lord; but according to Adhikr—the Criterion from Lord—they are serving Satan without using their intelligence as mentioned in verses 36: 59-62. Lord says in verse 21: 10: “Indeed We have sent down a Book, In It, you are remembered; will you not think by utilizing your intelligence”. That means Adhikr is the Book in one’s heart’s language which reminds every individual, his position both in this world and in the Hereafter. As told in verse 9: 65, by rejecting Adhikr (the Wise Reminder) hypocrites are ridiculing Lord Allah and His Messenger.

On the Day of Judgment, these wrongdoing hypocrites and disbelievers will wail: “Woe to me! If I had not selected so-and-so as my intimate friend, he had obstructed and misled me from Adhikr after It had come to me; Satan was a traitor to mankind” is told in verse 25: 29. As told in verse 25: 30 on the Day of Judgment, the Messenger will come with Quran and tell: “My Lord, indeed my people neglected this Quran and flew away from It; that is the cause for this unfortunate condition of them”. Saint people will say about this worst person on the Day of Judgment: “These people became bore since they forgot Adhikr—the Safeguard and Shield against the Hell”. About their hypocritical leaders, it is asked by the Lord to the Prophet: “Don’t you see those who pervert the Mercy of the Lord (Adhikr) into disbelief; and permit their people the Hell—the house of bores” as per verses 14: 28-29. Whoever from among Fujjar who had a veil upon their eyes about the Book Dhikree (Adhikr), and those who didn’t even hear It will enter the Hell as told in verse 18: 100-101. It is told that the curses of Lord, Angels and those who entitled to curse are upon the hypocrites who hide Adhikr (Guidance sent down from Lord for whole mankind) is told in verses 2: 159-162. Verse 2: 174-175 say: “Those who hide Adhikr, and those who earn mere price with It, they are not eating into their bellies except fire. Lord will not speak to them on the Day of Judgment, nor will He purify them; and they will have a painful torment. Such are the ones who have purchased astray instead of Guidance and torment instead of forgiveness; then what patience they are showing up on the Fire”. Today the Imams (one who guides in prayer) of Arabic Quran reading Fujjar all over the world including ‘Masjidul Haram’ (Mecca) are hired ones and they are filling their bellies with fire. These wrongdoing fools neither know the name of the ‘Splendid Book’ is Adhikr nor even know the total number of verses of the Book is ‘6236’. Verses 3: 91 says: “Surely, as for those who disbelieve and die while they are ‘Kuffar’(disbelievers), if they were ready to give Earth filled with gold as a ransom (to escape from the punishment of Hell), it will not be accepted. There will be a painful punishment for them, and they will have no helpers.” Verses 5: 36; 10: 54; 13: 18 and 39: 47 are also giving the same warning.


Verse 3: 10 says: “Certainly, for those who hide the Truth, neither their wealth nor their children will benefit them from Allah. And such is only the firewood for the fire”. Presently, Fujjar all over the world are reading these verses. Most of them are teaching ‘the reading of Book’. Some of them even teach Its meaning which is the ‘life of It’. But none of them learns or teaches Soul of the Book—Adhikr—which is the Food, Cloth and Sight of Jinn comrade. They are teaching the children Quran the same as Jews were teaching their Book to their children during the Prophet’s period. As per verses 2: 146 and 6: 20 those to whom Allah has given the Book recognize him (Prophet) as they recognize their children. But by rejecting the Wise Reminder Adhikr, they are not following or witnessing Prophet’s life among mankind, instead, they are blindly following 29 pseudo prophets and are hurrying to welcome the 30th pseudo prophet Maseeh-A-Dajjal (Antichrist). Prophet foretold about this when he was in Makkah itself. From Prophet’s teaching reported by the mother of Ibnu Abbas; she said: “One night when we were at Mecca, Prophet awoke and asked three times as Oh Allah, didn’t I convey? Then Umer awoke and replied: Yes, you did. Then in the morning Prophet said: Islam will spread all over the world, and then it will be replaced with refusals. The people of overseas (Europeans and Americans) will laugh at Islam. Then another period will come in which the people will study and recite the Quran, and they will say and ask: We are reciting and teaching the Quran, then who is better than us? Then Prophet asked: Is there any goodness in them? Followers asked: Oh Prophet, who are they? Prophet replied: They are from among you; such is the fuel of the Fire”.

Verse 2: 62 says: “Certainly those who believe from among the people of last Messenger, those who are Jews, Christians, Sabeans, anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and acts honorably will receive their reward with their Lord and there shall be no fear upon them, and for them will not be grieved.” From the verse, it is very clear that among the people of last Messenger, the believer who prepares Paradise in this 4th phase will only triumph. But in the case of ‘other-people’ belonging to the community of Prophet Muhammad like Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Jews, Christians if they believe in Lord and the Last Day and do righteous deeds for the welfare of all creatures, there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved. It is warned in verses 6: 89-90: “This is nothing but a Reminder for the entire world. If these people Arabic Quran reading Fujjar hide It, We will entrust It to a people who will not hide It”.


Adhikr—the Speech of Lord—helps a man to consider the Lord of the worlds as He should be considered. It helps to live always by remembering and seeing the Lord unseeingly.

Adhikr helps one to recognize that no man has the right to select era, nation, parents, sex, tribe, caste, religion, color, etc.

Adhikr teaches that man has the freedom to be grateful or ungrateful and teaches that there is no compulsion in religion. Anyone who grasps Adhikr (the Book for purification/ the Unbreakable Rope from Paradise), he holdfasts the Lord and becomes upright in the Straightpath.

Adhikr—the Criterion—helps one to identify the believer (vicegerent of the Lord) and disbelievers (Kafir—vicegerents of Satan).

Just like the Creator Lord, Adhikr is mentioned as the Safeguard which guards against all calamities, disasters, diseases, terrorism and all such satanic evils.

Adhikr teaches that not only for mankind but also for whole creatures, the Spirit—Life with Soul—is from the Lord. It also teaches that the Lord’s presence is there in all living and nonliving things. All things are praising and glorifying Him; so, man endowed with intelligence shouldn’t harm or destroy even a thing unnecessarily.

Adhikr clarifies that It will argue and witness in favor of the one who testifies It, as well as argue and witness against the one who falsifies It after receiving.

Adhikr—the only Ticket to the Paradise/ Safeguard against the Hell— teaches that in every 1000, only 1 utilizes It to change the fate from Hell into Paradise. The rest 999 who received Adhikr will not change their fate; they are those upon whom the word of Lord: “I will fulfill the Hell with Jinns and men all together” is happened true.

Adhikr teaches that if anyone reads It in the dusk and dawn, try to follow Its do’s and don’ts; then the Angels will witness and protect him from all evils induced by Satan from among men and Jinns. And It provides a man the confidence to stand upright always at any critical moment in his life.

Adhikr teaches about the recording software installed upon everyone’s neck which will not omit any thought, word, and deed. Adhikr also warns that on the Day Judgment everyone’s skin, hearing, sights, hands, legs, tongues, sexual organs, and even Earth will witness and reflect their records for Trial.

Therefore, I would like to introduce to the entire mankind “ADHIKR” as a Strong Weapon for doing Jihad against terrorism. It also reminds us that Adhikr is the Balance and Trust to keep the Earth and universe in their equilibrium. Since Adhikr is Lord’s Book, Its copyright is not reserved. The Three-Time-Knowledge Adhikr is formed in Three volumes in Malayalam Language and is uploaded on the website: The first volume in English and Arabic is also uploaded. Therefore, whoever likes to involve in the propagation of Lord’s Message may download It from the website, translate into different languages, convey and propagate among entire mankind.


In the Splendid Book—Adhikr—it is told in seven places about the computer recording going on everyone’s neck.

17: 13-14

We have tied every man’s fate on his neck, and We shall produce a book for him on Resurrection Day that he will find it as an illuminating spread open book. It will be said to him: ‘Read your book: sufficient is yourself this Day to make out an account of you’

18: 49

The book will be produced and you will see the Mujirims apprehensive; they will say: “Woe to us! What kind of a book is this? It omits nothing either small or large unless it is recorded”; they will find there presented whatever they had done, and your Lord will not be unjust to anyone.

23: 62-63

And with Us a record that will reflect with Truth, they will not be wronged. But their hearts are absentminded about It, and they have deeds besides that, they will continue their deeds.

Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who are reading these verses are not aware of this ‘Recording Book’. That is why they are at the forefront of every mischievous and evil deeds all over the world.

36: 12

Indeed, We shall revive the dead, We are recording all that they are sending ahead and that their footprints left behind, We have recorded everything in an open ledger.

Everyone’s evils and goodness which they did in their life and evils and goodness of the heritage which they left behind will be individually evaluated on the Day of Judgment.

45: 28-29

On that Day, you will see every community bowing on their knees, everyone will be called to their Record book and you will be rewarded according to your acts. This is Our book that will show your deeds with Truth, and We have been recording whatever you were doing.

Verses 45: 30-31 say: “For those who believe and are conveying the Message to the entire mankind, their Lord will enter them in His Mercy, indeed which is a clear victory. But as to those who disbelieved, Allah will say: Were My verses not recited to you? But you showed arrogance and became Mujirim”. The Mujirims, disbelievers and aimless mentioned in every verse in the Book include hypocrites and their blind followers. As mentioned in verse 4: 118 it is already decreed that in each 1000, 999 men and their soul mates will be trapped by Satan—the disbeliever.

58: 6

On the Day of Judgment, Allah will raise them all again and will show them what they have been doing; Lord Allah has recorded everything, but they have forgotten it all, and Allah is a Witness over everything.

78: 21-30

For those who are living here following satanic footsteps (Thagooth), Hell will be the dominion. They were not expecting the Trial in the Hereafter and were repeatedly rejecting our verses. We have been recording everything in a clear Book. So, you taste, We have increased to you nothing except torments.

Since the Three Time Knower Lord is Impartial, He is informing man about His activities through His Speech—Hadeeth (Adhikr). If everyone has the awareness of this fact, there happen no feelings, words, deeds, etc. which one doesn’t wish to be recorded and presented on the Day of Judgment. But today, Fujjar all over the world are not learning or propagating Lord’s Book anywhere; and so, they are indulged in all evil activities such as communalism, selfishness, terrorism, flesh trade, smuggling. This aimless bore people by forgetting Adhikr are living giving more importance to bodily and worldly life without considering the soul and Hereafter. Thus, they are earning Hell for the 7th phase. It is commanded to perform prayer to maintain the ‘Dhikree’—Soul of the Book—as told in verse 20: 14. But by rejecting Adhikr these worst people are seeing opposite genders’ sexual organs by their hearts during their prayers. As Truth Adhikr is the standard to judge on the Day of Judgment one should utilize It here to weigh all his deeds. Otherwise, the read heard and touched Book will argue and witness against them and push them to Hell. That is why it is told about these bore people in verse 6: 26: “They are preventing mankind about Adhikr, and are preventing themselves about It; indeed, they are destroying none except themselves; but they perceive it not”. These real disbelievers who falsely boast that they are worshiping Allah and following Muhammad are serving Satan by following 29 pseudo prophets.

To put it briefly, the fate of everyone who received the Book is into Hell. Any male or female by utilizing Adhikr—the Guidance—can himself/herself transfer his or her fate into the 1 out of 1000 who belong to Paradise. Thus he/she can change his name from ledger ‘Sijjeen’ to ledger ‘Illiyeen’.


If every individual has the awareness that he is bearing the computer software fastened around his neck, he will not engage or follow satanic footsteps:

-communalism, chauvinism, racialism, nationalism, selfishness, partiality, rationalism, self-conceit, arrogance, insolence, sexual partiality, apartheid, etc.

-miserliness, lavishness and vanity, interest, theft, dowry from woman’s side, bribing, black money, smuggling, adulteration, malpractice in weight and measures, corruption, earning the wealth of orphans.

-robbery, murder, incendiary, terrorism, bloodshed, riots.

– promoting liquor, ganja and other such narcotic drug deals.

-anti-natural activities such as sodomy, rape, prostitution, masturbation; feelings, talks, dressings and posing encouraging for sexual ambitions between different males and females other than their spouses.

– Superstitious beliefs such as sorcery, black magic, omen, zodiac, palmistry, prophecy by caged birds, horoscope and divination by observing the movement of lizard.

– Invoking others than Lord Allah; offering food items to other than Lord Allah; reciting Quran upon dead, any rhyme or song praising and glorifying any person even if it’s Messengers like Muhammad, Moses, and Jesus or any saint people which is against the soul of the Book and punishable; any deed including prayer without the participation of the soul. Without being a believer with Allah’s Permission (Adhikr), any deed will not be accepted, instead, Hell will be the destiny for them as a fine mentioned in verses 25: 66. The prayer of hypocrites and their blind followers will not be accepted, moreover, their prayer will increase astray to them as told in verses 13:14 and 40:50.

Therefore, I would like to introduce ‘Adhikr’ to ‘other-people’ than `the people of last Messenger’ to utilize It and propagate It to others as a Safeguard and Shield against all calamities, disasters, Hell, etc. It is also a strong Weapon to do Jihad against the people who are involved in Terrorism, mischievous activities and bloodshed; and thereby forming the harmony of human unity.


Lord by calling mankind in verse 4: 1 says: “Oh mankind, heed your Lord Allah Who has created you from a single soul and created its mate from it, and from them, both scattered so many men and women. And heed Allah about Whom you will be asked, and heed the wombs. Certainly, Lord Allah is ever watching over you”. Verse 49: 13 says: "Oh mankind, certainly We created you from a single pair of male and female, and made you into different nations and tribes so that you may recognize one another; certainly the most honored of you in the sight of Lord is heedful, Lord Allah is Well Aware, Well-Acquainted". The soul of everyone is from the Lord itself. So, no male or no female has the choice to select era, nation, caste, religion, sex, color, parents, family, etc. The ‘aim of life’ should be to identify the Lord, confirm oneself as a believer and to prepare Paradise in the 4th phase to inherit it in the 7th phase utilizing Adhikr—the Insight.

The one who identified his Lord utilizing the Insight in the 4th phase, at the time of death he will look at the Lord brightly and pleasantly as told in verses 75: 22-23. The hypocrites and followers (the disbelievers) who didn’t utilize the Insight will see Satan gloomily and sadly as told in verse 75: 24. It is told in verses 69: 49-51 that the ‘Assured Truth’ Adhikr is a cause of sorrow for the disbelievers. The hypocrites and their weaklings at the time of death will witness against themselves that they were disbelievers as told in verse 7: 37. Any Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who didn’t testify the Best Book ‘Husna’, at the time of death Lord will tell him: “Nay! Indeed, My verses came to you, but you rejected them and became arrogant; you were among the disbelievers”, as told in verse 39: 59.

The Impartial Lord doesn’t lead anyone either to the Paradise or to Hell. If it was Lord’s Wish, He would have guided everyone to the Straightpath. But He gave freedom either to be grateful or ungrateful as told in verse 76: 3. Verse 64: 2 says: “He is the One Who has created you, and among you there is disbeliever, then among you there is believer, and Allah sees what you are doing”. Therefore, male or female if utilizes Adhikr (Guidance/ Insight), it is for his soul; and whoever strays about It, surely, he strays against the soul, and none can make anyone a believer. In verse 2: 286 Lord says: “For each soul has what it earned; and has upon it ‘what not earned’”. So, whoever reads this verse and is not preparing Paradise here in the 4th phase, he is earning the Hell even though he is not intending to earn it.


No one becomes a believer without the ‘Permission of the Lord’ which is Adhikr as told in verses 10: 99-100. It is the inevitable duty of the parents to give their children Adhikr (the Ticket to the Paradise as well as Safeguard against Hell) before their 15th age; otherwise, an evil Jinn comrade will be appointed for him. Through verses 43: 36-39 it is warned: “Whoever has shown indifference regarding Adhikr which is useful for the remembrance of the Impartial Lord, a soulmate will be appointed to him. And that Satan soulmate will hinder them from the Real path; But they will think that they are in the Straightpath. And thus, when both come to Us, he will say: Oh, woe to us! How better it would have been there a distance of two sunrises (east and west) between us, then you are indeed the evilest companion. Thus, both the evildoers (Man and his Jinn comrade) shall be partners in the punishment”. Adhikr is the Food, Sloth, and Sight of the soulmate (Jinn comrade). So, the believer will refine his Satan comrade to a believer with Adhikr and thus he will keep the Lord in his heart. As a result, the Angels will guard him against all disasters, evils, and Hell. In verse 41: 30-31 say: As for those who say: “Our Lord is Allah,” and then stay firm on it, the Angels will descend on them, saying: “Let nothing fear or grieve you. Rejoice for the good news of Paradise that has been promising to you. We are your protectors in this life and the Hereafter, there you shall find all that your soul desire as well as all that you demand.”

Only believing parents will teach their children Adhikr—the Real Knowledge from the Lord—before the age of 15th. But today there is no believing parents anywhere in the world. So, parents are not teaching the Lord’s Book to their children as well as to others. 999 out of each 1000 Fujjar—brothers of Satan—are dragging all the people into the utter darkness and aimlessness, and they will never relax in their efforts testifying verse 7:202.

In seven places such as 7: 18; 11: 118-119; 15: 42-43; 17: 63; 32: 13; 38: 84-85; 46: 18 Lord says: “I will fulfill the Hell with Jinns and mankind altogether". As the explanation of verse 4: 118, Lord explained through Prophet: “In each every 1000, 999 will go to Hell and only 1 will go to the Paradise. This ratio is meaningful, fixed and well known”. Therefore, male or female by holding fast Adhikr—the Insight (6: 104), the Guidance (17: 15), the Truth (10: 108 and 39: 41)—can be the 1 who returns to the Paradise. The Impartial Lord doesn’t send anyone to Hell as well as to the Paradise. Since 1 in 1000 will only go to Paradise, today to form a group of believers is not advised. Instead, the harmony of human unity by learning and teaching Adhikr is advised. That is, to make understand everyone that no man has the right to select his nation, religion, caste, tribe, color, sex, the era of birth & death, etc. This is the only way to annihilate selfishness, partiality, terrorism and all such mischievous satanic activities. In short, Lord created the universe; He is posting all creatures including men in so-and-so land in so-and-so time as He wishes. So, the believer who is considering the Lord as Impartial will try to convey and propagate Adhikr—the Balance and Trust—throughout the world irrespective of nations and religions to extend the dateline of Earth’s Pole shift.


Mankind endowed with intelligence must see Paradise using the Insight—Adhikr. The Lord set up the Earth as a minor depiction of the Paradise. The environment of the Earth is bestowed with streams, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, plains, hills, mountains, greenery, trees, flowers, fruits, fragrances, etc. At the early periods of human civilization, peace and tranquility were maintained. By deviating from the Book, man forgot the ‘aim of life’ and he started to satisfy the temporary worldly amuses.

There are 1000 communities of creatures including the man in the world. Out of that 400 communities are on the land and 600 are in the water. All the living things and nonliving things in the universe are praising and glorifying the Lord as told in verses 17: 44 and 24: 41. It is the responsibility of mankind as the vicegerent of the Lord to act well to survive himself as well as the survival of whole creatures in the universe. But the believer representing the Believer Lord will only take that responsibility, whereas the disbelievers—vicegerents of Satan—involve in mischievous deeds harmful for whole creatures. That is why it is ordered the believer to say these disbelievers through verse 14: 30 as: “You enjoy here for a while, indeed your return is into the Fire”. A believer always involves propagating Adhikr—the Light—to the entire mankind, whereas the disbelievers try to extinguish It as told in verses 9:32 and 61:8.

During photosynthesis, in the presence of sunlight leaves of plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and excrete oxygen and water; thus, reduce air pollution due to carbon dioxide and thereby regulate atmospheric temperature. By absorbing the polluted water and fertilizers the roots of the plant help to maintain hygienic surroundings. The roots of the plant also prevent soil erosion and help to maintain the fertility of the soil. The water vapors evaporated from the leaves cool the atmosphere and the clouds which leads to rainfall. That is why the rainfall over the forest area is greater than that of other places.

For all creatures both on land and water, oxygenated atmospheric air is crucial for maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, the believer will plant and encourage others to plant more trees (especially trees with fruits) anywhere as far as possible testifying the teaching of Prophet: “You plant trees even though you knew that tomorrow is the Dooms Day”. Prophet also taught: “During the Last period you have to involve in cultivation and farming”. The one who purified his soul with Adhikr—Book for purification—will only eat wholesome foods. In other words, the one who eats wholesome food can only understand Adhikr. Today, as wholesome foods are not available in the markets, the believer should involve and encourage others to do organic cultivation and farming intending not only for his own sake but also for the sake of whole creatures including mankind. The believer will discourage cultivation using artificial fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful to all creatures. He will also acknowledge mankind the hazards of genetic crops that cause cancer, blindness, and all such genetic disorders.

Therefore, we should discourage cutting down trees, demolition of the mountain (since mountains are the anchors and nails to keep the Earth in its equilibrium), and construction of huge buildings especially in fields as well as in seas. It is a fact that the proportionate presence of natural resources such as petroleum, coal, minerals, metals are maintaining the gravitational force of the Earth. The unlimited mining of these resources may cause to lose the magnetic power and thereby Pole shifting. Today those countries blessed with crude oil are rigging it without any restriction aiming their financial gains without considering the miserable consequences neglecting verse 30: 41 which says: “Mischief has appeared on the land and in the sea because of what men’s hands have earned, so that He may let them taste something of what they have earned so that they may turn back to the aim of life”. The burning of petroleum products in vehicles and industries is causing air pollution which increases the atmospheric temperature as well as a decrease in the magnetic field of Earth.

Verse 36: 41 says: “Neither the sun may catch up the moon nor does the night overtake the day, each swim along in its orbit”. That means sun, moon, planets, etc. have specific orbits to move just the night and the day never come together. “Each swim along in its own orbit” means all the planets are rotating and revolving in their orbit due to a mutually attractive force. If the gravity of Earth is lost because of men’s foolish acts, the Pole shift will happen at first and later the Earth will deviate from its orbit which leads to collide with all other planets including the sun and the moon. Then Earth will be flattened as a plane marble-slab for the Day of Judgment as mentioned in verses 84: 1-4. On that day the sun will be only 1 mile apart.

So, the believer will encourage to propagate and convey Lord’s Message to entire mankind to extend the life of the universe so that he will get a share of the rewards of the praises and glorification of whole living and nonliving things. Since the believer is the vicegerent of Lord, he will lead a moderate life, and will feed and promote others to feed orphans, indigents and needy from mankind without expecting any honor and consideration from anyone other than from Lord Who is observing everything testifying verses 76: 8-10.

Verse 32: 19 says: “Those who believe and convey the belief to others will abide Paradise as hospitable home; that is for their doings in this world.” And as per verse 32: 14 to the disbelievers it is told: “So have a taste since you have forgotten about the meeting on this Day of yours! We have likewise forgotten you, taste the torment of eternity because of what you have been doing”. Therefore, any man or women irrespective of nation or religion should involve in planting trees and organic cultivation. They also must encourage family members and others for it. If one can’t participate physically, he must participate in it by propagating this idea to others and by giving financial support to those who are engaged in such deeds. Thus, by forming the aim of life utilizing the Book, he can also buy Paradise to inherit It in the 7th phase.


The Book we have sent down unto you full of Blessings so that they may proud (ponder) about Its verses, and to remind those who utilize their intelligence (38: 29)

The verse reminds the believers to be proud and self-sufficient with the blessed Book Adhikr. It is understood from verse 25: 18 that the Fujjar who became the bore and boar people by forgetting Adhikr—Wise Reminder—will not utilize It. Therefore, it is the inevitable duty of the believers to motivate the intelligent people belonging to the Messenger Muhammad’s community to utilize Splendid Book—Adhikr—by pointing out the predictions and prophecies of It. Verses such as 9: 51; 11: 6; 22: 90; 27: 75; 34: 3; 35: 11 and 57: 22 teach: “Anything in the heaven or Earth as well as in ourselves is not occurring except it is recorded in the Book Adhikr (the Three-Time-Knowledge) before it happens”. Verse 6: 59 says: “He holds the keys of the unseen; none knows the unseen except Him, and He knows whatever exists on land and sea. And no leaf falls except He knows it, nor any seed lies under the darkness of the Earth or anything wet or dry except recorded in a Clear Book”. Verse 10: 61 says: “No matter what affairs you may be engaged in, what portion from the Quran you may be reciting and whatever deeds you may be doing; We are a Witnesses thereof when you are deeply occupied with it: for there is not even an atom of anything in Earth or heaven that is hidden from your Lord, neither anything smaller than that nor larger, but is recorded in a Clear Book”. Verse 41: 53 says: “We will show them Our verses on the horizons as well as in themselves until It becomes clear to them that indeed Adhikr is the Truth; Isn’t your Lord sufficient for you as a witness upon everything?”.

Some examples which were not understood before, but understandable today:

-The fact that every individual bears his recording software on his neck as mentioned in verses 17: 13-14 can be easily understood nowadays since the computer is commonly used everywhere in the day to day affairs. This fact can be compared to the ‘Black Box’ used in the airplane from which all details relating to the airplane can be recovered.

– The fact that Lord created man in the belly of mother stage by stage one after another in three veils of darkness mentioned in verses 39: 6 is recognized and approved recently by the medical science.

– The palatable clear water and salt bitter water existing in the sea without mingling each other mentioned in verse 25: 53 is discovered recently.

– The fact that the universe is formed through Big-bang explosions and water is made essential for the existence of life mentioned in verse 21: 30.

– While Pharaoh was drowned in the sea, he requested the Lord to save him. Then Lord answered: “Nay, We shall save your body only to be a sign for mankind after you”. Today we can see that the dead body of Pharaoh in the Egyptian museum even after 3000 years as mentioned in verse 10: 92

– The mountains of clouds present in the sky just like the Ice Mountains mentioned in verse 24: 43 became visible only after the invention of the airplane.

– Lord Allah Who created man with unique fingerprints is capable to resurrect him by assembling his bones mentioned in verses 75: 3-4 is more remarkable today when fingerprints are used as a criterion for identity.

– Everything is created in pairs; from what the Earth produces, from their own and the things they have no knowledge mentioned in verse 36: 36 is more understandable today when an atom can also be divided.

– If scientific knowledge before was the sun is immobile while the Earth and other planets are swimming around the sun along their orbits; today modern science has approved that the sun also moves towards its destination as mentioned in verse 36: 38.

– The Earth will submit its record on the Day of Judgment as mentioned in verse 99: 4 can be understood easily today as the audio and video recordings are widely used.

– If the heart does not participate in the sight, he is as if blind as told in verse 22: 46. That is why if Adhikr—the Insight—is not utilized Hereafter receiving, they will prone on their faces blind, dumb and deaf into the hell is told in verses 7: 179; 17: 97 and 25: 33-34.

As told in verse 62: 2-3 Prophet Muhammad and Book Adhikr are not only for illiterate Arabs but also for those from among illiterates who will take birth up till the Dooms Day. One can understand from these verses that Adhikr—the Wise Reminder—can be grasped more by those who can’t read and write Arabic than those who are proud of learning Arabic. Since Adhikr is the Speech of the Lord which is made very easy to understand if anyone is reading It by praying with the soul as: “Oh my Lord! Increase me the knowledge”, he can grasp It very easily as told in verse 54: 17.

Today those people who belong to Messenger Muhammad’s community by reading and understanding Adhikr can codify the belief according to Its teaching. They should also have to remind Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who became the bore people by rejecting Adhikr—the only Interpretation of the Book from the Lord. Whoever from mankind if hides Adhikr—the Real Knowledge—after receiving It should return to the Hell—Kafir Satan’s paradise. Anyone who likes to return to the Paradise should testify and follow Adhikr which is the only Ticket to the Paradise as well as Safeguard against Hell.


Today Arabic Quran reading Fujjar by forgetting Adhikr and the Lord is leading anti-natural satanic life all over the world including Saudi Arabia. That means if we compare Islamic states with that of other places, we can see that sodomy, rape, bloodshed, bomb blasting, hawala, terrorism, destroying nature, drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, leading extravagant life, etc. are more in those places. Any place where Fujjar are in the majority is the place of having the worst living conditions without peace and tranquility. Fujjar scholars are becoming the worst creatures beneath the sky. Most of them are teaching ‘the body of the Book’. Some of them even teach Its meaning which is Its life. But none of them learns or teaches Soul of the Book—Adhikr—which is the Food, Cloth and Sight of Jinn comrade. They are teaching the children ‘Quran’ the same as the Jews were teaching their Book to their children during the Prophet’s period in Medina. As per verses 2: 146 and 6: 20, those to whom Allah has given the Book recognize him (Prophet) as they recognize their children. But by rejecting the Wise Reminder Adhikr, they are not following or witnessing the Prophet’s life among mankind. Verse 98: 6 says: “Indeed those who hide the Truth Adhikr among the people of the Book (hypocrites) and those who associate others in Lord’s dominion (blind followers) will be in Hell-fire, they dwell in it forever. Such are the worst of creatures on land”.

If Adhikr is used as the Insight/Balance/Criterion, one can see that there are lack of promise fulfilling people, squanderers getting dignity and honor, incapable and worthless becoming leaders, deterioration of modesty, ladies becoming naked even though wearing pardas, increasing sodomy and adulteration, increasing bastards on Earth, engagement of boys and girls in illegal sexual intercourse before puberty, flattening of Earth, Earth becoming illuminating and decorated, spontaneous destruction of crops, entering wild animals to human inhabitations, engulfing land by seas, quick passing of time, remaining the text of Quran without Its soul, mosques becoming huge building without Guidance-Adhikr, etc. are indicating the approach of the Pole shift. Prophet foretold: “During the Last period their Qibla (concentration point) will be ladies”. But today their morality has become even worse than that the daughters are being raped by the parents and grandparents. Thus, their Qibla has become vaginas rather than ladies. Fujjar are only reading verses 38: 24 which gives the warning that all mingling male and female are having thirst for illegal sexual intercourse one another except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and they are only a few. Fujjar all over the world have already become wrongdoers and transgressors. As a result, ‘other-people’ are also becoming wrongdoers. So, the true believers including male/female monks from ‘other-people’ among whole mankind will be separated from disbelievers and will be gathered into ‘Hijaz’.

Within a short period at ‘Hijaz’ which includes two provinces Mecca and Medina, Imam Mahdi will appear as the leader for believers. First, he will make his appearance at Prophet’s Masjid of Medina where he will not be accepted. Then he will reach Mecca, there too he will be denied. Then the odd believers migrated to Mecca from different countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria will accept him by pledging. Saudi rulers will consider Mahdi as a terrorist. So, they will contact the Syrian ruler and inform that their citizens have pledged with the terrorist, and will demand to seize them back. Thus, a Syrian force will start to Mecca, which will be drowned in the desert on their way. This supernatural event by the Lord will cause to approve Mahdi as a leader by the whole world including Saudi, America, and Israel. Thus, Hijaz will come under the leadership of Mahdi. Then the believers among mankind all over the world irrespective of nation or religion will be gathered at Hijaz testifying the Prophet’s teaching: “The believers will be gathered at Hijaz from all over the world as a snake crawls to its hole”. Thus the “World Triumph” will occur. Verse 32: 28 mentions about the disbelievers’ mocking question to the believers: “When will this promise of Triumph be fulfilled, if you are so truthful”. Then Lord commands the believer to reply through verse 32: 29: “On the Day of Triumph, to accept the faith will not be benefited to the disbelievers (Kafirs), nor they will be allowed to wait”.

Both in verses 9: 32 and 61: 8 Lord says: "The hypocrites want to extinguish out Allah’s Light (Adhikr) with their mouths, while Allah will spread throughout the world His Light, even though disbelievers are hating it. Justifying these verses Adhikr—the Light—will be translated into different languages and distributed/propagated throughout the world. After the departure of last ‘Sabiq’ (forerunner to the Paradise without Trial) from the world, Pole shift will occur and Antichrist will appear.


Prophet taught: “The children of Adam will not afflict more subversion than that of Maseeh-A-Dajjal (Antichrist). All the Prophets have warned their people about the subversion caused by Antichrist. Prophet taught: “I am the last Prophet and so Antichrist will appear on you. Therefore, teach your children about Antichrist”. He will appear as a famous general of the Israel army in the name of ‘Mose-Dayal'(Maseeh-A-Dajjal in Arabic). Prophet taught: “30 pseudo-prophets will come forth from onwards Musailimathul Kadhab (who came at the time of Prophet itself)”. Among them, Antichrist will be the last and final pseudo-prophet. He will pervade all over the world and will bring the world under his ruling power except ‘Hijaz’—the provinces including Mecca and Medina. Prophet taught: “3 years before the coming of Antichrist, the rainfall and agriculture will become less by one-third; it will become less by two-third in the second year. And during the third year, there will be no agriculture and rainfall. At that time, he will appear”. Prophet also taught: “On that period, the believers will live by ‘Thasbeeh’ (Glorifying Him), ‘Thahmeed’ (Praising Him) ‘Thahleel’ (remembering His Solitary) and ‘Thakbeer’ (remembering His Greatness) by soul”. Most probably Antichrist will be the first cloned man. He is the tallest creature among humans, and the greatest abilities of Satan will be expressed through him. First, he will argue that he is a Prophet, and will cause rainfall, germinate agriculture and give food for people. Later he will argue that he is the lord. He will ask a village man: “Will you accept me as the lord if I resurrect and bring your dead father and mother back to life?” And he will resurrect his father and mother utilizing cloning or by any other method. Prophet taught: “Satan will form as his father and mother, and then the father and mother will tell their son that ‘he’ is your lord, so you accept him”. Verse 23: 14 ends as: “So blessed be Allah the best of all creators” means that there are creators besides Allah. Satan in the form of Antichrist is given the power to create. Adhikr—the Wise reminder—is not against that argument. “Allah is the Best Creator of all creators” means that only Allah can create anything out of nothingness.  Anyway, Lord Allah is the One Who gives Spirit—Life + Soul.

The companions asked Prophet: “How long will Antichrist stay on Earth?” Prophet said: “40 days. The first day will be lasts within a year, the second day lasts within a month, the third day lasts within week, and the rest of the days will be like your ordinary days”. Companions asked: “Oh Prophet! How quick will he reach all over the Earth?” Prophet replied: “Like clouds driven by the wind, he will reach all the places wherever mankind resides”.

A believer from Medina will come to Dajjal for confirming his appearance and will tell him: “Surely, you are the same Dajjal whose description was given us by Allah’s Messenger”. Then Dajjal will say the people: “If I kill this man and bring him back to life again, will you approve me as the Lord?” The believer will reply: “No”. Then Dajjal will split him into two equal longitudinal parts to a spear. Then by rejoining both parts, he will resurrect him. The believer will say: “I was unable to see and distinguish you before in deep Insight as of today”. By hearing this, Antichrist will try again to kill him but will fail.

Verse 6: 103 says: “No Visions comprehends the Lord, while He comprehends all visions, Indeed He is Knower of innermost feelings, Well-Acquainted”. Prophet taught: “Oh servants of Lord, you will not see your Lord from this world, you will see Him only after death. Your Lord is having two eyes. But Antichrist is having one active eye. His right eye will be like a dry-sucked grape”. Even for the illiterate believer who utilizes Adhikr as the Insight can recognize him as the disbeliever. But the hypocrites who hide Adhikr will welcome and help him, and the weakling disbelievers will be entrapped by him because he will fulfill the ambitions of hypocrites and followers. All the hypocritical men and women who live in Hijaz will shift to other places where Antichrist rules. There will be hell and paradise with him. But his hell will be the paradise for believers, and his paradise will be the paradise for hypocrites and hell for believers. Prophet taught: “This world is like a hell for the believers, and they will get Paradise only after the death, but for the hypocrites, this world is like the paradise and they will get the Hell by death”. Hypocrites are eagerly waiting for Antichrist’s paradise so that they will get young beautiful women and handsome men for fulfilling their sexual ambitions. Today we can see that they are living for such nasty ambitions.

For the last fight against Antichrist, the believers will go to Syria and assemble at the white minaret Masjid of Damascus under the leadership of Mahdi. While readying for the prayer, they will hear a buzzing sound, and the believers will look at the sky. They will see Jesus descending by placing his hands on the wings of two Angels like sitting in an armed chair. He will be dressed with saffron color cloths as in ‘Ihram’ (dressing style while circulating Ka’bah/ monk’s style). When he will be called to lead the prayer, he will say that the believers are leaders to one another, and hence perform prostration in the leadership of the one to whom leadership is assigned; and he will perform prostration behind Imam Mahdi. After prostration, the doors of the Masjid will be opened as per the command of Jesus, and there will be Antichrist and his 70,000 Jew soldiers ready to fight against believers. On seeing Jesus, Antichrist will start to melt just as salt dissolves in water. Then Jesus and believers will follow him and will catch him at the place of ‘Babu-Ludh’ (Ben Gurion airport at Lydda). And Jesus will kill him with his spear and will show the blood to the people. Then the believers from ‘Hijaz’ will kill 70,000 Jews soldiers with him. The agitators in towns mentioned in verse 33: 60 includes those 70,000 Jew soldiers and all other terrorists of the world who are making agitations and bloodsheds. The cursed terrorists will be killed by the coming of Jesus. The other people belonging to Messenger’s community will recognize and approve Islam as their way of life. Then the hypocrites and those who have a disease in their hearts specified in verse 33: 60 who hide, reject Adhikr and thus falsify Prophet and Islam will not find any shelter or hiding place anywhere in the world. Even each tree and stone will proclaim that a disbeliever is hiding behind it, so seize and kill them. That means all ‘other-people’ belonging to Prophet Muhammad’s community will implement the orders of three verses 4: 91; 9: 123 and 33: 61 which is not implemented till that day. To put it brief today the Arabic Quran reading Fujjar (real Kafirs) who neglect the Lord and Prophet by hiding and rejecting Adhikr are expecting that they will get the ultimate Triumph. Since they are approving Dajjal—the Satan—as Lord, they will be killed by ‘other-people’ whom they mistook as Kafirs. In verse 3: 83 says: “Everything on Earth and heaven will approve Islam willingly or unwillingly”. Thus, THE ULTIMATE VICTORY IS FOR ISLAM… BUT NOT THROUGH THE ARABIC QURAN READING FUJJAR” will come true. Lord says through verse 48: 6 says: “The ultimate victory for believers will happen to punish the hypocrite men and hypocrite women, and the men and women who associate others in the dominion of Allah, whose thought about Allah was evil thought. Allah’s wrath and the curse will be upon them; He has kept the Hell for them. What an evil returning place”. Note that ‘men and women who associate others in the dominion of Allah’ mentioned is about strayed people mentioned in verse 1: 7.

Thus, the ruling power of the world will come into the hands of Jesus from Antichrist, and he will rule the world centralizing Mecca—the center of the Earth—as capital. On that day the whole World will become like one country, and there will be one way of life—Islam, one Deity, and one Qibla. On realizing the real faith, the Christians themselves will break their crosses and kill the swine; and Hindus will remove idols from their temples. On that day Peace and freedom will come on Earth so that anyone (even for the woman) can travel anywhere at any time in the world without fearing others. Thus, the command of verse 43: 60 which says: “If it were Our intention, We would have made Angels from among you as successors on Earth” will come true. That means men and women on Earth will be transformed into the characters of Angels and they will lead a life here peacefully and tranquility with no diversity of color, sex, religion, caste, etc. On those days’ sexual intercourse will not be here as if in the Paradise. All the believing men and women will become brothers and sisters. Thus, the life of Paradise will happen on Earth. On that day the harmony of mankind will be flourished on Earth. After ruling the world for 7 years, Jesus will die at the age of 40 and will be buried in a grave near to Prophet Muhammad’s which is kept vacant now.

Verse 6: 158 says: “What are they waiting except the Angels come to them, or the Day when some of your signs arrive, belief in them will not benefit for any person who has not believed in them already, nor has earned some good through his faith”. Now only the 10 major signs of Last Day must appear which are taught by the Prophet being the explanation of this verse. Prophet has taught that the Last Day will not come until the 10 major signs appear; they are: “Rising the sun from the west; the appearance of Antichrist, the second coming of Jesus, smoke which spreads throughout the Earth, coming of the beast from Earth, the appearance of Gog and Magog, Earth drown into deepness in three places (one in the east, other in the west and the third in Arabian Peninsula) and the fire from Yemen which leads the people to Judgment place (Mahshara)”.