The Safeguard (Thouba & Yoonus)

For all the 313 Messengers from Noah to Muhammad, only Adhikr-the Truth & Proof-is revealed to teach mankind that there is no deity except Lord Allah and to serve Him alone. Adhikr is the Food, Cloth, and Sight of the human soul. Without transforming the Jinn soul mate into a believer with Adhikr and keeping Lord in the heart, nobody will become a believer. Among the people of every Messenger, 999 out of each 1000 will enter Hell-Kafir Satan’s house, whereas only 1 who testifies Adhikr will return to Paradise.

The Arabic text of the Quran is the body of the Book, Its meaning is the life of the Book and Adhikr is the Soul of the Book. Arabic Quran reading Fujjar’s ledger is in Sijjeen of Hell. They are the worst creatures who are destined into the 7 doors of Hell.

Among the community of Messenger, other people such as Jains, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and Christians if they believe in Oneness of Lord and the Last Day and do honorable deeds, they have their reward with their Lord, and there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved.

This booklet contains two Sura (chapters): Thouba (Repentance) & Yoonus (Jonah) taken from Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book. The purpose of this booklet is to identify who is a believer (Lord’s Party) and who is a disbeliever (Satan’s Party). It is the responsibility of mankind bestowed with intelligence to maintain the ecosystem for 1000 communities of the Lord’s creatures. For that, one must indulge in doing and promoting organic farming and planting trees all over the world.