Just like the human soul, the soul of the 313 Books (Scriptures) is the same, It is named Adhikr. The Book revealed periodically from Paradise to the Earth is having the same soul with different bodies. I.e. if the body of ‘Bagavth Gita’ is in Sanskrit, the body of ‘Tora’ is in Hebrew, the body of ‘Injeel’ is in Aramaic, the body of ‘Zabur’ is in Greek, the body of the last version of Book is in Arabic; but the Soul of the Book—Adhikr—is the same. The 313 Messengers from Messenger Nooh to Messenger Muhammad, Adhikr (the Truth and Proof) alone is revealed as mentioned in verses 4: 63; 16: 43-44; 21: 24; 41: 43 and 53: 56. The Book revealed to each Messenger is a Guidance for the entire mankind of that period and It is for repeated reading. Hence all Books are Quran. The word “Quran” means "the Book for repeated reading”. So Adhikr should is to be read repeatedly!

The contents of the Book are its soul and the meaning is its life. The “Kalimath” (Spirit of the Book) includes both the Soul and life of the Book, which is from the Three-Time-Knower Lord. Like that, the “Rooh” (Spirit of every creature including mankind) is the combined form of life and soul, and it is from the Lord of the universe. And the body of every creature is an earthen ‘frame or a mold’ developed by the Supreme Creator by mingling sperm and ovum. The body is the vehicle for traveling for the soul. Mankind is deputed on earth as Lord’s vicegerents because they are only bestowed with intelligence among 1000 communities of creatures.

Islam and Adhikr are intended for the entire mankind and are not founded by any Messenger. It is the only True way of life from the Lord as explained in verse 3: 19. The Arabic Quran reading hypocrites and their blind followers are Fujjar and their ledger is in Sijjeen of the Hell as told in verse 83: 7. Each group among them is destined into the 7 doors of Hell as told in verse 15: 44. They are serving Satan and following his footsteps as explained in verse 2: 168-169. Their thought about Lord is evil. So, they are not following any Prophet or Messenger, instead, they are following 29 pseudo- prophets and welcoming the 30th pseudo-prophet Antichrist as told in verse 48: 6.
As 999 out of each 1000 from mankind will go to Hell and 1 only goes to Paradise is explained in verses 4: 118 and 6: 115, only harmony of mankind is advised. Lord became the Impartial by teaching the soul of mankind Adhikr from Paradise while they were created. Every man is fastened with a Recording Book around his neck which omits nothing as explained in verse 2: 110.

To teach mankind that whoever holdfasts Adhikr—the Unbreakable Rope from the Paradise; he did holdfast Lord and is guided into the Straightpath as explained in verses 2: 256; 3: 101 and 4: 174-175. Adhikr is the Balance and Trust to keep the universe in its equilibrium as told in verse 33: 73. It is the Safeguard against all calamities, disasters, diseases and the Hellfire as explained in verse 5: 48. It is the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book mentioned in verse 25: 33 which explains each and everything. It is the Clear and Manifest Reading as told in verse 36: 69.

To teach mankind that there is no ‘Jihad’ (strenuous strive in the cause of the Lord) with weapons. Instead, 'Jihad' with Adhikr against the hypocrites and Kuffar who hide and reject It after receiving is commanded through verses 9: 73; 25: 52, and 66: 9. Any activity in the name of Lord which is harmful to any creature is not 'Jihad', instead, it is 'pseudo-Jihad' (mischievous deeds) which is in the cause of Satan. Compulsion in religion is also satanic.

To encourage planting trees and organic farming in order to reduce air/water pollution. To discourage activities such as deforestation, demolition of mountains and construction of huge concrete buildings, which will cause the rise in atmospheric temperature, destruction of nature and the earth's Pole-shift.

Straightpath Quran Education is a venture to propagate the True Message of Lord to the entire mankind irrespective of religion, caste, sex or nation. There is only ONE COMMUNITY, ONE WAY OF LIFE and ONE LORD as told in verses 21: 92-93 and 23: 51-53.