Not Qur’an but Adhikr is the Splendid Book!

All the 313 Messengers from Nooh to Muhammed have been sent with Adhikr (Soul of the Book) containing the Book and its explanation. Adhikr is revealed to you in order to explain the entire mankind what is revealed to them from their Lord and that they may think and reflect. Refer the verses 16: 43-44, 21: 24 and 41: 43

Adhikr is the Splendid Book as per the verses 41: 41-42. It is the Wise Reminder as per the verse 3: 58. And It is the best interpretation of the Book as per the verse 25: 33. The verse 15:9 says: Indeed We have revealed Adhikr, and indeed We will safeguard It.

Nobody becomes a believer except with the Adhikr as mentioned in the verses 10: 99-100.

Today the Muslims of the entire world by rejecting Adhikr became the original Kafirs. Thus they are facing tragedies and humiliations all over the world. Refer the verses 3: 10,112; 4: 150-151 and 5:48.

Lord of the worlds revealed Adhikr (the Trust and Balance to keep the universe in its equilibrium) to punish the hypocritical men and women, and those who associate others in the dominion of the Lord as per the verses 33: 72-73 and 48: 6. The hypocrites who hide Adhikr and their blind followers who reject It are the worst creatures in the land as mentioned in the verse 98: 6. And as per the verse 8: 22 they are the worst creatures of the entire world.

Whoever hides and rejects Adhikr after receiving It, their similitude is told that of a dog in the verse 7: 176 and as per the verse 76:4 in the hereafter Lord kept prepared yokes, chains and blazing fire for them.

Any Muslim who didn’t follow the ‘Husna’ (the Best), at the time of death his Lord will tell him: “You were among the Kafirs” as told in the verses 39: 58-59. And as per the verse 7: 37 they will witness against themselves that they were Kafirs.

In each and every 1000, 999 people go to the Hell whereas only one goes to the Paradise. This ratio is meaningful, fixed and well known. Refer the verses 4: 118; 32: 13 and 38: 82-85.

Neither appeal will be replied nor will prayers, fasting or any deeds be accepted from the Kafirs who hide and reject Adhikr (the Ticket to the Paradise as well as the Safeguard against Hell) as per the verses 2: 186; 18: 103-106 and 47: 8-9.

If one didn’t convey Adhikr (the Message of the Lord of worlds) after receiving It, will be killed after the second coming of Jesus and thereby will implement the command of the verses 4: 91; 9: 123 and 33: 60-61.

Indeed those who become believer with Adhikr, and do righteous deeds like planting trees, promoting agriculture and propagating Adhikr to entire mankind; such are the best creatures in the land and they only will prosper. Refer the verses 98: 7-8.

“Oh our Lord! Do not include us among the 999 in every 1000 who are to Hellfire, such are those who hide and reject Adhikr- the Splendid Book. Oh Lord, include us among the one who holdfasts You with Adhikr, keeps You in their hearts and thereby enter the Paradise with the forerunners as well as the prospers.”

—The Three Time Knower mentioned in the verse 25: 59

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