Does anyone have the Power to kill a person?

The verse 5: 32 says: “On account of that, We prescribed the children of Israel that, anyone who kills a person except as a punishment for murder or for causing mischief in the land, it will be as if he had killed the whole mankind; and if any one who spares life, acts as if he had granted life to the whole mankind. Our Messengers have brought them Explanations, then afterward many of them committed excesses on Earth”.

Muslims of entire world are only reading this verse, but they are not testifying 6236 verses of the Splendid Book. They are carrying the body of the Book as burden carrying donkey. Their hypocritical leaders and Imams including Masjidul Haram Imam are filling fire in their bellies as mentioned in the verse 2: 174. All Muslims who hide and reject the Guidance Lord sent down for entire mankind are cursed by the Lord, Angels and mankind as told in the verse 2: 159. This cursed/wreathed hypocrites and their blind followers who are mentioned as the Mushriks in the verses 33: 73; 48: 6; 98: 6 etc.; will be killed by the second coming of Jesus. This bore people forgotten Adhikr—the Wise Reminder—are welcoming Satan—the Kafir Maseeh-A-Dajjal/Antichrist. They are not having the Real Knowledge—the Splendid Book Adhikr mentioned in the verses 41:41-42. Actually ultimate victory is for Islam… But it is not through Muslims—the real Kafirs—mentioned in the verses such as 4: 150-151; 7: 37; 39: 59. The burden of all evils, bloodsheds and killings happening all over the world should be carried by the hypocrites and their followers on the Day of Judgment in front of Impartial Lord. That is why they are mentioned as the worst creatures in the verse 8: 22.

To put it brief, no man has the right to depart the Spirit—Life + Soul—from the Body which is the vehicle made by the Lord mingling the sperm and ovum. All calamities, disasters and all evils are from the Kafir Satan. So if anyone does such evils, he is a Satan Kafir. Good things come from the Lord since He is Impartial as mentioned in the verses 4: 78-79. About the Impartial Lord, one should ask to the ‘Three Time Knower’ mentioned in the verse 25: 59.

—The ‘Three Time Knower’ as mentioned in 25: 59.