Does DAY differ anywhere in the world??

Today Muslims all around the world differ about the day of Ramdhan fasting, day of Eid-Ul-Fithar and the day of Bakrid. They are not following Prophet and the Kibla (Centre of the world/concentration point), instead they are following 29 pseudo prophets and thereby welcoming Maseeh-A-Dajjal (Antichrist). Last year Muslims in India celebrated Bakrid in four different days. How it happens where day don’t change anywhere in the world? Yes, they are prostrating the moon instead of Allah—Lord of the worlds rejecting the verses 9: 36-37; 22: 18; 41:37. These wrongdoers are carrying the book—Qur’an as burden carrying donkeys as told in the verse 62: 5. These Kafirs are rejecting the verses 3: 19; 7: 157-158; 21: 107 by not considering Allah as the Lord of the worlds, Islam as the way of Life approved by the Lord for entire mankind and Prophet Mohammed as the mercy for entire world. These boar/bore people even don’t know that Adhikr—Soul of the Book is the Splendid Book (41: 41-42) and Its Safeguard is taken over by the Lord of the worlds (15:9). For this boar people mentioned in the verses 25: 18; 48: 12 Darul Bawar Jahannam is kept prepared told in the verses 14: 28-30. Any Muslim who didn’t testify the Book—HUSNA, at the time of death, Lord will tell to him, you were among disbelievers as told in the verses 39: 58-59. They themselves will witness that indeed they were Kafirs at the time of death (7: 37) and on the Day of Judgment (6: 130). These Mujrims are serving Satan is told in the verses 36: 59-62. For them the doors of the sky will not be opened and they can’t enter the Paradise until a camel can pass through the eye of a Tylor’s needle is told in the verse 7: 40. Their similitude is compared to a dog in the verse 7: 176. Without utilizing the BASWA’ER in the verse 6:104, HUDA in the verse 17:15, HAQ in the verses 10:108 & 39:41 etc. male or female will neither become a believer nor any of their deeds like charity, fasting, pilgrimage etc. will be accepted (2: 186; 40: 50). Without utilizing the TICKET to the Paradise and SAFEGUARD against the Hell, nobody can register his deeds in the ‘Illiyeen’ ledger since the doors of Heaven will not be opened until a camel can pass through the eye of a tailor needle, thus He rewards the Mujrims (7:40; 83:18-20). All the deeds of Mujrims will be registered in the ‘Sijjeen’ ledger in the Hell (83:7). Whether you warn them or not, they will not believe. You will only remind those who follow the ADHIKR (36: 10-11).

To put it brief these real disbelievers and Mushriks (4: 150-151; 23: 51-53; 30: 31-32) who will accept Antichrist as prophet and even as Lord will be killed by the second coming of Jesus. Thus the command of the verse 33: 60-61, 73; 48: 6 will be implemented.

Oh believer, you holdfast Allah—Lord of the worlds by holding the unbreakable rope—Adhikr from the paradise. See the verses 2: 256; 3: 101; 4: 174-175 ; 31: 23; 22: 78.

—The 'Three Time Knower' mentioned in the verse 25: 59

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