Jihad Vs Terrorism

Jihad means the strenuous strive for the sake of Lord to fulfill the ‘aim of life’ utilizing all the powers and bounties bestowed by Him. It is commanded to do Jihad only to true believers against the real disbelievers. Since Impartial Lord hasn’t made compulsion in the Dheen (True way of life), there is no Jihad for the religious cause. Lord says in verse 2:256: “There is no compulsion in Dheen. The right way has been made clear from the wrong ways. Therefore, anyone who rejects the arrogant ones and believes in Allah has grasped the Firmest Rope which will never break, Lord Allah is All-hearing, All-knowing”. So, one can be a believer by holding the ‘Firmest Rope—Adhikr. Verses 10: 99-100 say: “If your Lord had so whished, everyone on Earth would have believed all of them together! So, will you force mankind to become believers? It is not up to any soul to believe unless with Allah’s Permission; He places a blight on those who don’t use their intelligence.” So male or female will not become a believer without Adhikr, which is the Permission of the Lord.

Man is given freedom either to be grateful or ungrateful, i.e. to select either the way of Lord or the ways of Satan. So, the believer must do Jihad for the persistence of such a situation. The aim of life is returning to Paradise (The House of Lord) utilizing the ‘Ticket—Adhikr’. Through both in verses 73: 19 and 76: 29 Lord says: “Indeed This is the Ticket for the one who selects the way to his Lord”. The heedful believers only utilize the Ticket in the 4th phase’s journey testifying verse 69: 48. The believer will not only holdfast Adhikr but also will propagate It to the entire mankind. By conveying the Lord’s Message Adhikr, he is helping the Lord, and then the Lord will help him back as told in verses 22: 40 and 47: 7. Remember that Lord has given freedom for everyone to accept or reject the Ticket after It has come to them. Lord says in verse 16: 44: “We have revealed ‘Adhikr’ into you which explains all the previous Books and their explanations, so that you may clearly explain the mankind what has been revealed to them, so that they may meditate and reflect”. So, there should be freedom for the propagation of Adhikr throughout the world.

Today the Fujjar are bearing the Quran (the body of the Book) as burden carrying donkeys without considering Its soul, so they will only prevent and avoid the propagation of Adhikr—the Straightpath. The countries having the majority of ‘other people’ such as India, America, Britain, France, Switzerland, and China, there will be no obstruction for propagating Lord’s Book—Adhikr. But in Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt, there is no freedom even to introduce Adhikr as the Lord’s Book which is meant for the entire mankind.

The verse 9: 6 says: “If any Mushrik asks you (believer) for protection, then grant him asylum, escort him to a place where he can find peace and safety; it is because they are the people having no Real Knowledge”. Here mentioned Mushriks are those who associate others in the dominion of the Lord before receiving Adhikr, where the Mushriks mentioned in verses 33: 73; 98: 6; 48: 6 are those who associate others in the dominion of Lord after receiving Adhikr.

Therefore, the odd believer should do Jihad with Adhikr against these ‘Fujjar disbelievers’ who by hiding and rejecting It force the people to accept their satanic way of life. Since Adhikr is the Balance and Trust to keep the universe in its equilibrium, the believer also will propagate It among entire mankind irrespective of nation or religion.

Jihad is the inevitable duty of an individual and a group of believers. During the period of Prophet, there was a group of believers, so fighting with the body, weapons and wealth were included in Jihad as told in verses 9: 111 and 61: 10. In any circumstance, to kill women/children/old men/handicapped/patients, harming the animals, destroying the cultivations, etc. are not permitted. Today since there is no group of believers anywhere in the world, the odd believer should do Jihad with Adhikr—the Safeguard—against the Kafirs testifying the verse 25: 52: “You should not obey the disbelievers; strive against them with the utmost strenuousness using Adhikr”. Kafirs mentioned in the verse are those who hide and reject the Book after receiving It.

The people who received the Book belong to two parties: One is the “Believer Lord’s party” and the other is the “disbeliever Satan’s party”. Today all the different Fujjar groups in the world are belonging to Satan’s party. So, the believer 1 in 1000 who belongs to the Lord’s party will do Jihad against different Fujjar groups. Then what will be the approach of the believer towards the ‘other people belonging to the Prophet’s community’ such as Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Jews, Christians? The believer will introduce them to the Lord’s Message Adhikr which is the Safeguard/Shield to protect from all disasters, calamities, diseases, evils, etc. as well as the strongest Weapon to do Jihad against terrorism. Verse 22: 78 ends as: “And you hold fast with Allah, He is the Master of you what a Best Master and what a Best Helper!” So, anyone who holdfasts Adhikr (the Safeguard), he is holding fast the Lord of the worlds (the Safeguard mentioned in verse 59:23). Today, if there is a group of believers present among the people of the last Messenger, they are commanded to witness Prophets’ life among mankind testifying both the verses 2: 143 and 22: 78 which say: “You might be a witness upon mankind such as the Messenger witnessed upon you”. But the Fujjar by hiding Adhikr (Book of Witness) are serving Satan and are following 29 pseudo prophets.

Through both the verses 9: 73 and 66: 9 Lord orders by calling the Prophet, and today the odd believer: "Do Jihad against the Kuffar (those who repeatedly rejecting and hiding all the verses of Lord) and hypocrites, and behave harshly with them; their return is to Hell". Kuffar specified in this verse as well as anywhere in the Book like verses 9: 68, 123 and 48: 29 are those who repeatedly hide or reject Adhikr after receiving It. It is told in verses 4: 150-151 that all the different groups of Fujjar are the real Kafirs; and for them, heinous punishment is kept reserved. In verse 11: 17 it is told: “Anyone from groups of Fujjar hides and rejects Adhikr—the Book of Witness/Guide/Mercy/Truth/Explanation—then Fire is promised to him”. Note that it isn’t mentioned ‘anyone from mankind’, instead, it is told ‘anyone from the groups of the people of the last Messenger’. The hypocrites who hide, distort, and prevent Lord’s verses, as well as their blind followers who reject the verses, are the inmates of Hades is told in verses 2: 39; 5: 10, 86; 57: 19 and 64:10. They are the worst people near Allah since they don’t hear Adhikr and don’t speak about It to others.

The latest Book Adhikr revealed to Prophet Muhammed was in his people’s language (Arabic). Most of them were literates whereas Muhammed and most of his followers were illiterates. So, during the period of Prophet, Kafirs include the people of the Book (Jews & Christians) and his people. But today the Kafirs include the hypocritical leaders who are hiding, distorting and misinterpreting the verses of the Book; and the Kuffar who are repeatedly rejecting and hiding all the verses of Lord Allah. In verse 48: 29 says: “Muhammed is the Messenger of the Lord and those who with him are strict hard against the Kuffar and compassionate in between them”. Today the people of the last Messenger are not leading or witnessing Prophet’s life among mankind anywhere in the world. ‘Other people’ are not rejecting the Lord or Prophet generally. If any exceptional voice is raising from any part of the world against Lord or Prophet, it is due to the lack of their Real Knowledge about Islam. It is also due to the worst people Arabic Quran reading Fujjar’s false propagation of Islam as well as their boasting that they are the people of Prophet and Islam without having the Truth—Adhikr. If the ‘other people’ criticize or blame Prophet or Islam by seeing Fujjar’s worst way of life, the burden of it should be bored by the hypocrites and Kuffar near Lord Allah, the Impartial. Lord says in verse 33: 73: “The Trust—Adhikr—is revealed to punish the hypocritical men and hypocritical women as well as the men and women who associate others in the dominion of the Lord; and to accept the repentance from the believing men and believing women, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

In verse 83: 7 it is told: “The Ledger of Fujjar is in ‘Sijjeen’ of the Hell”. The ‘Fujjar’ includes both the hypocritical leaders and their blind followers. The virtuous people’s ledger is in ‘Illiyeen’ of the Paradise as mentioned in verse 83: 18. So the virtuous one can ascend the heavens by utilizing Adhikr—the Light— as the vehicle and can register his righteous deeds in the ledger ‘Illiyeen’.

Terrorism means the deliberate commission of an act of violence to create an emotional response through the suffering of the victims in the maintenance of political, social and religious agenda. Today the people of the last Messenger of entire worlds are divided into different fractions and became ‘Mushriks’; each group rejoices with what they have as told in verses 30: 31-32 and 23: 51-53. Some of them are compelling their motives upon others. Some Fujjar groups to get supremacy over other groups and over ‘other people’ (belonging to Messenger Muhammed’s community) are involved in terrorist activities such as bloodshed, kidnapping, raping and robbery. By hiding the Truth (Adhikr) they decide/declare that they are the believers and all ‘other people’ (who didn’t receive the Book) are disbelievers. And they try to justify their terrorist acts as Jihad. They are doing Jihad for the sake of Satan. Yes, these pseudo-Jihad doing people are welcoming the 30th pseudo prophet Antichrist Satan and are hurrying for the Dooms Day.

For doing the pseudo-Jihad, the transgressing hypocrites are recruiting the youths offering money, drugs, females, kids for sodomy, liquor, etc. By providing these worldly enjoyments and leading them to heinous deeds, later as a confession the leaders tell them: “You have to kill our enemies acting as suicide-bombers to reach Paradise where you will get the virgin ladies”. These human devils even don’t know that the inmates of Paradise will not have sexual organs and sexual intercourse is the forbidden fruit there. Therefore, instead of earning Paradise, they are earning Hellfire where the Kafir male and Kafir female will dwell thereby threading penises through the vaginas which they were wishing in the worldly life. The terrorists who are helping and serving Satan are not having the consciousness that the Spirit for everyone is from the Lord. By killing a man (separating Rooh from the body), they are killing the Lord. These Mujirims (mad men) who don’t utilize their intelligence are giving importance to bodily and worldly life than the Hereafter. The wrongdoing people are those who are forbidding the mankind from the way of Lord—Adhikr—and are trying to twist It and they are not believing in the Hereafter as told in verses 11: 18-19. Their so-called Ulamas (hypocritical leaders) are not preventing or admonishing them from any mischievous activities or bloodshed. They are the real enemies of Lord, Messenger and the believers, who have been killed by the Lord as told in verses 41: 26-28 and 63: 4. ‘They have been killed’ means, they are just like sleeping with only life without a soul. Lord asked through verse 32: 18: “Is then a believer is just like the transgressor. Nay, they are not equal”. Today any Fujjar who reads these verses if not becomes a believer with Adhikr is a transgressor. The verse 9: 67 says: “The hypocritical men and hypocritical women, they belong to the same group helping one another, they command with evil things and forbid what is Just (Adhikr); they will hold close their hands without paying charity, they have forgotten Lord, so He has forgotten them. Indeed, the hypocrites are the transgressors”. About these transgressors in verse 58: 19 says: “They are included in the party of Satan and such are the losers”. It is told in verse 2: 99: “None hides the verses of the Lord except the transgressors”. In verse 59:19 says: “The transgressors are those who by hiding and rejecting Adhikr—the Wise Reminder—have forgotten Lord Allah as well as their souls. Indeed, Satans from both men and Jinns have abstained away from hearing Adhikr as told in verse 26: 212. They are the people who read in verse 5: 32 that if anyone who kills a person except as a punishment for murder or for causing mischief in the land, it will be as if he had killed the whole mankind; and if anyone who spares a life, acts as if he had granted life to the whole mankind. The hypocritical leaders should have to bear the burden of themselves as well as the burden of those whom they misled without having the Real Knowledge, what the worst burden they have to bear is warned through the verse 16: 25. The leaders of Fujjar are entitled to learn and teach Adhikr—the soul of the Book—for entire mankind to maintain peace and tranquility in the world. If anyone neglects this responsibility, he should bear the burden of it on the Day of Judgment. Verse 20: 99-101 say: “If anyone neglects Adhikr (the Message), he should bear the burden on the Day of Judgment; they will abide in it forever, what the worst burden they have to bear on the Day of Judgment”. If any Fujjar doesn’t drop the burden carrying on his neck by testifying and propagating Adhikr, he is carrying evil burdens as told in verse 6: 31.

Today we can see in every Islamic state such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen that they are divided into different groups, killing and slaughtering each other falsifying the Book—Adhikr, all the Messengers and the Lord. Fujjar, the real disbelievers mentioned in verses 4: 150-151 are teaching their children in ‘Madrassas’ (religious schools) that all non-Muslims are Kafirs (disbelievers). They are not paying ‘Zakkath’ or ‘Sadaqa’ (charity) to the people other than the people of the last Messenger. They are not even considering ‘other people’ as the creatures of the Lord. They are not considering or agreeing on the fact that Prophet Muhammed is sent for entire mankind rejecting the verses 7: 157-158; 21:107 and 34: 28. While the previous people slew their Prophets at once without any justification, today Fujjar by bearing Prophets’ name and by indulging in heinous and shameful deeds are torturing Prophets which is more heinous than slaying Prophets at once. Due to this, all their deeds will be futile and they have disgrace in this world as well as in the Hereafter. Today Fujjar of the entire world are themselves considered as the believers and are doing terrorism in the name Jihad against ‘other people’ who didn’t receive the Lord’s Book. That is because the hypocritical leaders are hiding and obstructing mankind from Adhikr (Creator Lord’s Book); instead, they are those who learn and follow and command the people with falsehood books written by the creatures. The hypocrites who have been given the verses of Lord slipped away from them, as a result, Satan persuaded him and he became aimless, followed his whims, his parable is that of a dog which will never change its attitude whether it is disturbed or not; that is the parable of the people who reject Lord’s verses as told in the verses 7:175- 176. In verse 7: 179 it is told that most of the Jinns and humans are decided to be filled up in the Hell, they have hearts but they don’t understand the aim of life, they have eyes but they do not see the Insight with it, they have ears, they do not hear Adhikr with it, they are like cattle; nay, they are the most strayed than them and such are heedless. Here mentioned heedlessly are aimless. Both the hypocritical leaders and weaklings are mentioned as the worst creatures in the land and they are the inmates of Hellfire from mankind as told in verse 98: 6.

Whoever involves bloodshed or mischievous activities such as sodomy, prostitution, rape, fornication, and incendiary anywhere in this world; the hypocritical leaders and the Kuffar should have to bear the punishment near Lord Allah. Lord Allah is Merciful only to the believers, whereas for the disbelievers and wrongdoers Lord will take revenge. The verse 32:22 says: “Who is more unjust than the one who has been remembered with the verses of Lord; then neglected them; indeed, We will revenge those Mujirims (mad men).” In verse 7: 40 Lord says: “Those who reject Our verses and feel much arrogance towards them, the gates of Heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter the Paradise- until a camel can pass through the eye of tailors’ needle, thus We reward the Mujirims”. Here and every verse in Quran Mujirims include the weakling followers and the hypocritical leaders. Terrorists think that they are serving Lord and are doing Jihad for the sake of Lord; but according to Adhikr—the Criterion from Lord—they are serving Satan without using their intelligence as mentioned in verses 36: 59-62. Lord says in verse 21: 10: “Indeed We have sent down a Book, In It, you are remembered; will you not think by utilizing your intelligence”. That means Adhikr is the Book in one’s heart’s language which reminds every individual, his position both in this world and in the Hereafter. As told in verse 9: 65, by rejecting Adhikr (the Wise Reminder) hypocrites are ridiculing Lord Allah and His Messenger.

On the Day of Judgment, these wrongdoing hypocrites and disbelievers will wail: “Woe to me! If I had not selected so-and-so as my intimate friend, he had obstructed and deviated me from Adhikr after It had come to me; Satan was a traitor to mankind” is told in verse 25: 29. As per the verse 25: 30 on the Day of Judgment, the Messenger will come with Quran and tell: “My Lord, my people neglected this Quran and flew away from It; that is the cause for this misfortune condition of them”. Saint people will say about this worst person on the Day of Judgment: “These people became bore since they forgot Adhikr—the Safeguard and Shield against the Hell”. About their hypocritical leaders, it is asked by the Lord to the Prophet: “Don’t you see those who pervert the Mercy of the Lord (Adhikr) into disbelief; and permit their people the Hell—the house of bores” as per the verses 14: 28-29. Whoever from among Fujjar who had a veil upon their eyes about the Book Dhikree (Adhikr), and those who didn’t even hear It will enter the Hell as told in verse 18: 100-101. It is told that the curses of Lord, Angels and those who entitled to curse are upon the hypocrites who hide Adhikr (Guidance sent down from Lord for whole mankind) is told in verses 2: 159-162. Verse 2: 174-175 say: “Those who hide Adhikr, and those who earn mere price with It, they are not eating their bellies except fire. Lord will not speak to them on the Day of Judgment, nor will He purify them; and they will have a painful torment. Such are the ones who have purchased astray instead of Guidance and torment instead of forgiveness; then what patience they are showing up on the Fire”. Today the Imams (one who guides in prayer) of Fujjar all over the world including ‘Masjidul Haram’ (Mecca) are hired ones and they are filling their bellies with fire. These wrongdoing fools neither know the name of the ‘Splendid Book’ is Adhikr nor even know the total number of verses of the Book is ‘6236’. The verses 3: 91 says: “Surely, as for those who disbelieve and die while they are ‘Kuffar’(disbelievers), if they were ready to give earth full of gold as a ransom (to escape from the punishment of Hell), it will not be accepted. There will be a painful punishment for them, and they will have no helpers.” The verses 5: 36; 10: 54; 13: 18 and 39: 47 are also giving the same warning.