Jesus as per Adhikr!


5: 116
And remember when Lord will ask: "Oh Jesus, son of Maryam, have you told people: Accept me and my mother as two deities besides Lord?" He will Answer "Glory is to You, I couldn't say what I had no right to say. If I had said so, you would have certainly known it: You know what is on my mind, while I do not know anything that is on Yours. Indeed, You are the knower of all unseen things.

Christians maintain different beliefs such as Jesus is God itself, God is the one in the three- the son, father and Holy Spirit, God is three in one, etc. (see explanation 5: 72) Besides, they consider Maryam as the mother of God. (For deity see the explanation 1:4) Lord criticizes all these beliefs through this verse. Adhikr (Soul of the Book) contains all the things that happened in the past, that which is happening in the present and that which is going to happen in the future. One-third of the total verses warn about the coming Day of Judgment. So, everyone should mold his life by seeing the Day of Judgment from the Adhikr. while the reply 'indeed you are the knower of all unseen things' told in verse 109 is by all Messengers, whereas in this verse it is the reply of Jesus Himself. That means Lord is the only One Who does not depend on others while all creatures and servants depending on Him. For the explanation of the phrase "Glory is to You", see explanation 2: 32-33 in Adhikr. Also see explanation 2: 27-28, 255, 3: 3-7 and 5: 105.

5: 117
I have never told them anything except what you have ordered me to: “Serve only for Lord Who is my Lord and your Lord. I was a witness for them as long as I remained among them, but when you gathered me back, You became a watcher over them and you are a witness for everything.

See the explanation (2: 283-284; 3: 51-56; 4: 1 and 155-159.

5: 118
If you should punish them, they are still your servants. And if you should forgive them, surely You are the Powerful, Wise.

One day in Muhammad's night prayer, as he couldn't complete this verse, he spent the whole night with bowing and prostrating. When being asked about this, Muhammad said to Abu Durr: "I asked my Lord's permission to intercede for my community; Lord gave me it, 'Bi Idnillah', anyone who does not associate others with Lord will be given it." But on the Day of Judgment, Muhammad, who prayed for his own community will witness against his own people. “As oh my Lord, surely, my folk considered this Book as outdated" is told in verse 25: 30. So those who did not utilize the Adhikr after receiving It are the real disbelievers. Verse 43: 44 says: “This is a reminder for you and your people, and both of you will be questioned about It. Today Fujjar only come under the people of Muhammad; whereas entire mankind from his appointed time to Last Day includes in his community. See explanation 2: 185, 213; 4: 4 and 116 -120.

5: 119
Lord will say: “This is the day when their truthfulness will benefit the truthful: They shall have Gardens with rivers flowing beneath. There they live forever. Lord is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. That is a great triumph.

Verse 39:33 says, anyone who confirms the Truth when It comes to him is heedful, and verse 32 says, those who reject the Truth when it comes to him are wrongdoers and disbelievers. Prophet taught that the most truthful words (Sayings) are the ‘Book of Lord’. See the explanation verses 4: 78, 82 and 87. In verse 9:119 Lord says: oh believers, keep Lord in your heart and be with those who are truthful. Verses 54: 54 and 55 say, indeed the heedful are in midst of gardens and rivers in the seat of Truth near the Almighty Sovereign. Read together verses 33: 35; 59: 8; 63: 9-10 and 75: 31-32. It is told in verses 9:100, 58:22 and 98:6 that Lord is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. Besides, verses 89: 27-30 say, oh fully convinced peaceful soul, return to your Lord well pleased with Him and well-pleasing to Him. See the explanation 2: 140; 3: 95, 4: 13 and 5: 48.

5: 120. Only to Lord belongs the sovereignty of Heaven and Earth and all that is therein. And He is capable of everything.

See explanation 2: 28-29, 284-286 and 4: 131-133.


4: 157
Also for their saying: “Surely, we killed Jesus, son of Maryam, Lord’s messenger. They neither killed nor crucified him, even though it seemed so to them. Surely, those who differ in his matter are also in a never-ending doubt; they have no real knowledge about him except the conjectures. And they did not kill him.

4: 158
Rather Lord lifted him towards Himself. Lord is Powerful, Wise.

See explanation 2: 88 and 3: 21-22. These verses portrait the repeated arrogance and haughtiness of Jews. They accused the terrible slander of prostitution about Maryam. They boasted that they have killed the messenger of Lord, Jesus Maseeh the son of Maryam. As told in verse 9: 30 it is told that they said that “Uzair is the son of Lord”. Because of all these Lord cursed the Jews as well as the hypocrites, and He sealed their hearts and ears, and killed them. See the explanation 2: 99. Even though Lord has not commanded the believers to kill such Jews, but commanded to kill the hypocrites- who hide and twist Adhikr and thereby introduce falsely the Message and Prophet to the public by leading a life just against It. That is because they are one step ahead in arrogance, haughtiness and miserliness than the Jews. See the explanation 4: 37 and 38. In verse 9: 84 it is told that believers should never pray for any of them who dies, nor stand at their grave by praying for them. Read together verses 6: 25-26; 9: 55, 67-68 and 22: 6-10. If the Jews spread slander about Maryam, the hypocrites of Medina spread slander about Aisha- wife of Prophet. For those people who utilize the Book as Insight can see that, today all the character of the Jews of that period is present in today’s hypocrites all over the world. Lord has commanded to make the unity of mankind by conveying Adhikr-Food, Cloth, and Sight of the human soul- but the hypocrites are doing against It by arguing and trying to make the communal unity of the Arabic Quran reading Fujjar. In verse 3:103 Lord commanded by calling the believers: “Be a single party of Lord by holding fast His rope -Adhikr and do not differ”. Neglecting such verses like 2: 176; 6: 159, 21: 51-53; 30: 30-32, etc. hypocrites form different groups and each group rejoice what they possess with them. Hellfire is promised them as per verse 11: 17.
‘Even though it seemed so to them’ or ‘they are made fools’ means when the Roman soldiers came in the supervision of Jews to catch and crucify Prophet Jesus, Lord- the Unquestionable, Powerful, The One Who do as He likes, the Almighty, the Wise- gave the face cut of Jesus to one of the disciples named Surjas (Judas), and lifted Jesus to Him in his bodily form itself by a rhythmic whirlwind as explained in verse 2: 164. Soldiers caught Surjas who had the resemblance of Jesus and crucified him. In verse 76: 28 Lord says: It is We Who created man, and We know their frames and secrets. If We wish, We will change their appearance. See explanation 2: 158.
“Those who differ in his matter are also in a never-ending doubt” implies about the Christians and the people of the last Messenger who have no real Knowledge. Some of the Christians believe that Jesus got crucified by bearing all the sins of entire mankind. Among them there are those who believe that he has not crucified. Some others believe that Christ got crucified, resurrected and raised up on the third day. Today, none of the Christians have real belief about Prophet Jesus. In every thousand, 999 Arabic Quran reading Fujjar are also having the same belief of Christians about Prophet Jesus. Some of them claim that Prophet Jesus was crucified and only his soul has risen to Paradise. But here in this verse Lord has told “Lord lifted him up towards Himself”. The preposition ‘hu’ in the word ‘Rafa’hu’ uses only when raise up the man in his bodily form. If it is the soul alone, then the preposition used will be ‘ha’ instead of “hu”. Both the soul of male and female are usually mentioned as feminine gender, and that can be realized from so many verses like 2: 286; 6: 104, 164; 17: 15; 39: 42; 59: 18; 75: 22-23; 89: 27, etc. Soul of all believers will be raised to Paradise upon their death. If only the soul of Jesus was raised to Paradise, then here it was not necessary to say the noble abilities of Lord- Powerful, Wise. One in thousand who utilizes Adhikr as Insight alone can believe that Irresistible, Exalted Lord has raised his messenger Jesus up to Him in his bodily form. See explanation 3: 45, 54 and 56.
He is the One Who changed the nature of fire to cool and peaceful for Prophet Ibrahim. Read together verses 21: 68-70. He also showed Ibrahim that, how He gives life to death, as explained in verse 2: 260. While passing through a township which was fallen up on its roof, Uzair soliloquized that, “who is there to bring this dead town back to life?” or “How could Lord bring this dead town back to life?” Then He is the One who caused Uzair to die and resurrected after 100 years and resurrected the donkey which he used as his vehicle by bringing its bone together and covering it with flesh, as explained in verse 2: 259. Naturally, the snakes getting birth by means of evolving of egg or by means of delivery, but He is the One Who changed the staff of Moses to a snake against the natural laws. He is the One Who has given a camel- which is not begotten nor begotten- as a sign for the people of Thamud. When the seven youngsters of the cave announced that, they will not call and pray anyone except their Owner Lord; He is the One Who led them to a cave behind a dog which not begets nor begotten, and caused them to sleep there for about 300 years. Read together verse 18: 18. He is the One Who inspired Prophet Moses to strike the sea with his staff and made the sea cleft to two-part as if the water of each part appeared like a mountain, and thus made a dry path in the sea for Moses and his followers, as told in verses 20: 77 and 26: 63. He is the One Who brought Pharaoh and his troops to that dry path and caused the two parts of sea to join and drowned them in the sea. He is the One Who kept the dead body of Pharaoh safely in the sea for about 2800 years and then in Egyptian Museum as specified in verses 10: 90-92. He is the One who inspired Moses to strike on the rock with his staff and caused to gush out 12 springs from it when Moses asked for water for the children of Israel.
He is the One Who delivered Prophet Nooh, and the believers, and a pair of the species of each living of the World in an ark and drowned all disbelievers in the flood. He is the one who sends the birds ‘Ababeel’ which pelt the stones to destruct the army of ‘Abrahath’ with elephants who came to demolish Ka’ba and thus left them just like chewed-up chaff; even though there were 360 idols inside the Ka’ba. Read together verses 105: 1-5. He is the One who taught that, He will deliver believers from sufferings by delivering Prophet Yoonus when he prayed in the belly of whale that “there is no Deity but You, You are the Glorious One without happening any sin. Surely, I have become among the wrongdoers”. He is the One Who gave food to Maryam in an unseen way. When Prophet Zakariya prayed by seeing this incident, He is the One Who gave him Prophet Yahya, as the son beyond any cause and reason. He is the One Who created Adam without a father and mother. He is the One who created Jesus without a father and made Jesus talk with the People while he was in the cradle as per verses 19: 28-34. He is the One who gave Jesus the ability to heal blind and lepers, and even to bring the dead back to life. See the explanation 3: 49, 5: 110. He is the One Who sent down “Maeda”- heavenly food tray- by making Jesus pray for that as per verses 5: 114-115; and He is the One Who transformed those Jews into swine who are eaten from the feast then became suspicious about it was from the heaven or from here and thus defied the sign of Lord, as explained in verse 5: 60. He is the One Who transformed those Jews-who transgressed the law of Sabbath and caught fish- into apes as a lesson for succeeding generations as explained in verses 2: 65 and 66. He is the One Who made Jinns and Satans obedient to Prophet Suleiman. He is the One Who caused to bring the throne of Queen Sheba- which was about 1500 km far- in front of Prophet Suleiman within ‘twinkling of an eye’ by making pray the person using the ‘Glorious names’ who knew Book. He is the One Who taught the language of birds and beasts to Prophet Suleiman. Read together verses 27: 18-19. As per verses 38: 41-44 Satan afflicted on Prophet Ayyub, he boar distress and suffering for long as 15 years. At last, he prayed as per verse 21: 83 that, “adversity has afflicted me, You are Most Merciful of the Merciful”. Then He is the One Who told him to stamp with his foot on the ground, and caused to have a cool spring, and told to drink and take bath with that and thus made cure all his diseases. He restored him, his family and gave doubled of His wealth and offspring.
He is the One Who unites the sperm from the semen of father and ovum from the semen of mother and cultivates it in the womb of the mother in three darkness- chambers, and when it attains 4 months growth, He causes to take the soul which is kept on the neck of the father by Angel and blown into the “embryo” which has undergone various stages in the womb of the mother. Thus, He creates and molds. See the explanation 4: 1. He is the One Who survives the life in the body by keeping the spirit which is the life + soul; and He is the One Who causes to die by taking the spirit from the body as told in verses 6: 60 and 39: 42. He is the One Who developed the heart- which does the work for about 4 millions’ rupees in a second; and brain- its nature of work is unknown and mysterious; and flesh, skin, hair, eye, nose etc. from a part of a single drop of semen. He is the One without having the beginning and end; Incomparable, Dictator, One and only Dominion of everything Who acts as He wishes. Nothing is there unable for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Through verses 82: 6-8 Lord asks: Oh man, what has lured you in the matter of your Lord; Who created you from nothing, then fashioned you, proportioned you, molded you and numbered you in whatever form He pleased? He is the One Who traveled Prophet Muhammad bodily from Mecca to Baithul-Muqaddis and from there to Jannathul-Ma’wa- which is situated above 7 Heavens and the border of Cosmos- and brought back in a single night as specified in verses 17: 1 and 53: 1-17. He is in the One Who raised Prophet Idrees bodily to Heaven, as per verses 19: 56 and 57. See explanation 2: 28-33 and 4: 133.

—The 'Three-Time-Knower' mentioned in verse 25: 5