If it was so…

If every individual has the awareness that he is bearing the computer software fastened around his neck, he will not engage or follow satanic footsteps:

—Communalism, chauvinism, racism, nationalism, selfishness, partiality, rationalism, self-conceit, arrogance, insolence, sexual partiality, apartheid, etc.
—Miserliness, lavishness and vanity, interest, theft, dowry from women's side, bribing, black money, smuggling, adulteration, malpractice in weight and measures, corruption, earning wealth from orphans.
—Robbery, murder, incendiary, terrorism, bloodshed, riots.
—Promoting liquor, ganja and other such narcotic drug deals.
—Anti-natural activities such as sodomy, rape, prostitution, masturbation; feeling, talks, dressing and posing encouraging sexual ambitions between different males and females other than their spouses.
—Superstitious beliefs such as sorcery, black magic, omen, zodiac, palmistry, prophecy by caged birds, horoscope and divination by observing the movement of lizard.
—Invoking others than Lord Allah, offering food items to other than Lord, reciting the Quran upon dead. the rhymes and songs which if recorded will argue against him on the Day of Judgment, and all deeds including prayer without the participation of the soul. Without being a believer with Lord's permission (Adhikr) any deeds will not be accepted, instead, it will be punishable as mentioned in verses 25: 65-66; 40: 50. Today Arabic Quran reading Fujjar all over the world are seeing opposite genders' sexual organs by their hearts during their prayers since they are ignorant about Adhikr—the Splendid Book which explains each and everything as mentioned in verse 16: 89.

To avoid satanic footsteps, one should have to make his soul mate (Jinn soulmate) mentioned in verses 43: 36-39 believer with Adhikr—the Food, Cloth and Sight of the soul. Thus, one can keep the Lord in his heart so that no evil will happen. The recording will start after the 15th age. The only way to wipe out the satanic footsteps already recorded is to engage in conveying and propagating Adhikr to the entire mankind. Thus, one can help the Lord. So, the Lord will be helping back as mentioned in verses 22: 40; 47: 7 and 61: 14. Believer will not have even the feelings, talking and deeds without having the awareness that it is being recorded on Lord's Recording Book fastened on his neck. He will utilize all his favors bestowed by Lord under the Light—Adhikr the Best Favor—in such a way that it will cause for the welfare of all creatures (1000 communities of creatures including mankind). For that, he will do and encourage to do organic farming and discourage cultivation using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. which are harmful to whole creatures. He will make aware the mankind about the hazards of genetic crops which cause cancer, blindness, etc.; and will promote planting trees with a consciousness that the leaves of trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and the roots absorb polluted water to produce O2 and pure water vapors for balancing the atmospheric temperature and rainfall. That is why Lord taught through His Messenger: " Even if you knew tomorrow is the Dooms Day, you should plant a tree today". Since the believer is the vicegerent of Lord, he will lead a moderate life, and will feed and promote others to feed orphans, indigents and needy from mankind without expecting any honor and consideration from anyone other than from Lord Who is observing everything. To put it briefly, since only 1 in 1000 goes to Paradise and 999 go to Hell, to form a believer's party is not advised today; instead, the harmony of mankind is advised. It is the duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to maintain the equilibrium and ecosystem of Earth as well as the universe utilizing Adhikr—the Balance and Trust.

—The 'Three-Time-Knower' mentioned in verse 25: 59