How to be a MAN?!

Lord has created you, among you there is Kafir (disbeliever), and among you there is Mua’min (believer); Lord is observing what you are doing is told in the verse 64: 2. Everyone is created in the Paradise and Lord has taken a covenant from each man by asking: ‘Am I not your Lord?’ Everyone answered individually: “Of course, we do witness” as told in the verses 7: 172-174. Then the Impartial Lord has taught each soul ‘Adhikr’ (Soul of the Book) which contains the path to the Paradise as well as the different paths to the Hell as explained in the verses 55: 1-4; 76: 3 and 91: 7-8. Ten generations from the first man Prophet Adam to the first Messenger Nooh were bond to live on the earth according to Adhikr which was taught at the Paradise itself. But due to the temptation of Satan, they gradually deviated from the Straightpath. Then Adhikr was revealed for the first time in the bodily form to the Messenger Nooh.

Adhikr is the only Book which is revealed periodically from the Paradise to the earth through 313 Messengers in order to guide the mankind to the Straightpath—the only path to the Lord. The aim of life is to identify the Creator Lord, identify oneself and prepare Paradise here in this world in order to inherit it in the hereafter utilizing the Book ADHIKR as explained in the verse 3: 136; 4: 1; 7: 43 and 91: 9-10. But today Muslims all over the world instead of becoming the best community and preparing Paradise utilizing ADHIKR, they are following their hypocritical leaders and various books written by the human satans who are gone away from the real Dheen—Islam. Thus by forgetting the Splendid Book ADHIKR, became the bore people whose dwelling place is Hellfire as per the verse 14: 28. In the verse 5: 32 it is warned that “If anybody kills a person, it would be as if he killed the whole mankind; and if anybody saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of whole mankind”. But today, the hypocrites and their followers mentioned in the verses 8:22 and 98:6 as the worst creatures who are reading these verses are in front of all mischievous activities such as killing, slaying, bloodshed, terrorism than any other people belonging to Prophet Muhammed’s community. Today we can see in every Muslim country such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen that they are divided in to different groups, killing and slaughtering each other by falsifying the Book—Adhikr, all the Messengers and forgetting the Lord. About one year ago, Pakistan army slayed and separated the heads of two Indian soldiers. Recently, two Americans and one Britain media worker were killed in Iraq recording and displaying the video of killing to the world in order to express their terror and cruelty. Most recently in Pakistan one group of Muslim terrorists killed more than hundred students and burned their teachers alive without showing any mercy in order to show their revenge against the government army attack on their area causing death to their children and women. All these cruel and transgressing activities of Muslims denote the cruel deed of Yazeed done to Hussain (the grandson of Prophet Muhammed) after thirty years of Prophet’s departure. Even in Kashmir, one of the Muslim majority states in India; killing and bloodshed are ongoing for years. Muslims, the real disbelievers (Kafirs) mentioned in the verses 4: 150-151 are teaching their children in ‘Madrassas’ that non-Muslims are disbelievers( Kafirs) who are to Hell. In short they are not considering other people as the creatures of the Lord. The flood occurred recently in Kashmir was a consequence of this in order to washout the impurities aroused by the bloodshed and other mischievous activities, and also to teach the people that they are helpless in such condition, so that they have to holdfast the Lord by hold fasting the ‘unbroken Rope—Adhikr’. These types of small punishments out of bigger ones are happening in order to return the people to the aim of life utilizing Adhikr is told in the verse 32: 21. If the inhabitants of the countries not utilize Adhikr as the strong weapon to stop the bloodshed, mischievous activities and to maintain the harmony of human unity, then the natural calamities like flood, earthquake, tsunami, draught, epidemic and communicable diseases will happen causing to loss for lives as well as for live stocks. Due to these types of transgressing life of Muslims they are suffering humiliation all over the world. To such real disbelievers, it is warned disgrace during this worldly life, while on Hereafter harshest torment is warned through the verse 2: 85

How to form harmony of human unity?

According to the verse 4: 118, only one in thousand will enter the Paradise. No one will enter the Paradise except the one who becomes a believer with Adhikr – Permission of the Lord. Today there is not a party of believers anywhere in the world. Therefore harmony of human unity is only advisable. That can be fulfilled by understanding and propagating others the following facts:

-By identifying the Rooh (Spirit) containing life and soul of all creatures including mankind is of the Lord of the worlds. The body is the vehicle for the soul to travel. It is an earthen ‘mould’ developed by the Supreme Creator by mixing the sperm and ovum of father and mother respectively.

-By identifying the fact that no man or woman has the right to select which era, nation, race, place, religion, caste, sex, color etc. to take birth and death.

-By identifying that each and every one is taken birth in Islam (Nature). Anybody dies before succeeding 15th age will return to the Paradise. Then whoever likes return to the Paradise should holdfast Adhikr-Ticket to the Paradise- for travelling in the fourth phase from the 15th age up to his death testifying the verse 76: 29. Islam is the only way of life satisfied by the Lord for his entire creatures from the first man Adam to the last day as told in the verses such as 3: 19, 84-85; 30: 30. The man bestowed with intelligence should consider that he and all other creatures belong to the Lord, and he should not do any disturbance to any creature even if he can’t help them. Then only the Islam- peace and tranquility- will be implemented.

– By understanding that the Impartial Lord doesn’t lead anyone either to Paradise or to Hell. Therefore whoever likes to return Paradise should prepare it here in the fourth phase in order to inherit in the seventh phase utilizing Adhikr—the Light—as told in the verses 3: 136, 7: 43 and 32: 19. The Three Time Knower Lord has fastened every one’s fate (deeds) around his/her neck as computer software mentioned in the verses 17: 13-14; 18: 49; 23: 62-63; 36: 12; 45: 28-29; 58: 6 and 78: 21-30. And on the Day of Judgment, Lord will produce it as an ‘illuminating spread open book’; and it will be told to him: “Read your book, sufficient is yourself this Day for your reckoning”. Therefore the believer considering the Lord as impartial should do all deeds in accordance with the do’s and don’ts of Adhikr- the Confirming truth; and become the convinced believer. Thus he will change his destiny from Hellfire to that of Paradise testifying the verses such as 6: 104; 17:15: 39: 41; 76: 3. He will always remember the word of Lord : “I will fulfill the Hell with Jinns and men altogether” as mentioned in the verses 7:18; 11: 118-119; 15:43; 17:63; 32:13; 38: 84-85 and 46: 18; and shall appeal to Lord by his own soul to be the one to the Paradise. Hence, every human bestowed with intelligence if having the awareness the computer software around his neck by reading Adhikr – wise Reminder—nobody will involve in Satanic footsteps such as terrorism, bloodshed, smuggling, prostitution, fornication, adulteration, reduce in weight and measure, telling lies.

-By understanding oneself and informing others the warning that for the enemies of the Lord, their skins, ears, sights etc. will witness against themselves on the Day of judgment as mentioned in the verses 17: 36 and 41: 19-24. Their hands will speak and legs will witness what they have been earning here as mentioned in the verse 36: 65. Moreover the earth will reflect its record as its Lord inspires for it is mentioned in the verses 99: 4-5.

-By understanding that apart from other creatures, the mankind bestowed with intelligence is deputed to earth for a short life in order to act as the vicegerents of the Impartial Lord as told in the verses 2: 30 and 6: 165. But the believers by utilizing Adhikr—the Insight—only represent the Lord; and they are living here seeing Lord through the Insight. Disbelievers are representing Satan—the Kafir. It is told in the verses 22: 65 and 30: 25 that the sky is not falling on the earth except with Adhikr—the permission, Balance and command of the Lord. When the last Sabiq (entering the Paradise without trial) who testifies and propagates Adhikr—the Message—to the entire world returns to the Paradise, ten crucial signs of the Dooms day will appear one by one. By calling all mankind to the verse 49: 13 Lord says: We have created you from a single pair of male and female; and made you in to different nations and tribes so that you may recognize one another, certainly the most honored to the Lord of you is the heedful, Lord is well Aware, well Acquainted. The verse 2: 62 says: “Certainly those who believe from among Muslims, and those who are Jews, and Christians, and Sabeans, anyone who believes in the Lord and the Last Day, and acts honorably will receive their reward with their Lord, there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved”. It is notable that from Muslims, believer only will succeed, whereas anyone from other people such as Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sabeans, Buddhist, Jains etc., if he believes in the Lord and the Last Day, and acts honorably will receive their reward with their Lord, there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved. All 313 Messengers came in Islam with the same Book Adhikr. Therefore, in Islam there is no conversion by changing name, cloth and doing circumcision; but only change in belief; and that can be acquired by reading Adhikr in three volumes with a prayer in mind that Oh Lord! Increase me the Knowledge as told in the verse 20: 114. Today all people other than Muslims belonging to the last prophet Mohamed’s community (Ummath) are leading comparatively natural way of life—Islam. According to the verse 25:18 tomorrow the saint people will witness against them that they lived as a boar people by forgetting Adhikr. And as per the verse 25: 30 the messenger will say: “oh my Lord! Indeed my people had considered this Qur’an just as foolish nonsense”. Muslims who are leading bodily life without considering the soul are reading Qur’an –the body of the Book—without understanding the contents are actually darted away from the Dheen—real life way—just like the arrow dart from its bow, and tomorrow the read Qur’an will argue and witness against them. As told in the verse 41: 26, their leaders—hypocritical disbelievers—are telling to them not to hear and follow Adhikr—the best interpretation of Qur’an from the Lord mentioned in the verse 25: 33. To put it brief today entire Muslims of the world are carrying Qur’an as burden carrying donkeys and thus they became the unjust wrongdoers by rejecting the verses of Lord, and Lord will not guide such wrongdoing people is told in the verse 62: 5.

Since Muslims will never utilize Adhikr which is from the Lord to the entire mankind, other people may utilize It in order to form harmony of human unity, to maintain peace and tranquility in the world.

—The last Saabiq (forerunner) to the Paradise.

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