A Recording Book fastened upon everyone’s neck!

In the Splendid Book—Adhikr—it is told in seven places about the computer recording going on everyone’s neck.

17: 13-14
We have tied every man’s fate on his neck; and We shall produce a book for him on Resurrection Day that he will find it as an illuminating spread open book. It will be said to him: ‘Read your own book: sufficient is yourself this Day to make out an account of you’

18: 49
The book will be produced and you will see the Mujrims apprehensive; they will say: “Woe to us! What kind of a book is this? It omits nothing either small or large unless is recorded”; they will find there presented whatever they had done, and your Lord will not be unjust to anyone.

23: 62-63
And with Us a record that will reflect with Truth, they will not be wronged. But their hearts are absentminded about It; and they have deeds besides that, they will continue their deeds.
Muslims who are reading these verses are not aware about this ‘Recording Book’. That is why they are forefront in every mischievous and evil deeds.

36: 12
Indeed We shall revive the dead, We are recording all that they are sending ahead and that their footprints left behind, We have recorded everything in an open ledger.
Everyone’s evils and goodness which they did in their life and evils and goodness of the heritage which they left behind will be individually evaluated on the Day of Judgment.

45: 28-29
On that Day, You will see each and every community bowing on their knees, each and every one will be called to their Record book and you will be rewarded according to your deeds. This is Our book that will show your deeds with Truth; and We have been recording whatever you were doing.
The verses 45: 30-31 say: “For those who believe and are conveying the Message to the entire mankind, their Lord will enter them in His Mercy, indeed which is a clear victory. But as to those who disbelieved, Allah will say: Were My verses not recited to you? But you showed arrogance and became Mujrim”. The Mujrims, disbelievers and aimless mentioned in every verse in the Book include hypocrites and their blind followers. As per the verse 4: 118 it is already decreed that in each 1000, 999 men and their soul mates will be trapped by Satan—the disbeliever.

58: 6
On the Day of Judgment Allah will raise them all up again and will show them what they have been doing; Lord Allah has recorded everything, but they have forgotten it all, and Allah is a Witness over everything.

78: 21-30
For those who are living here following satanic footsteps (Thagooth), Hell will be the dominion. They were not expecting the Trial in the Hereafter and were repeatedly rejecting our verses. We have been recording everything in a clear Book. So you taste, We have increased to you nothing except torments.

Since the Three Time Knower Lord is Impartial, He is informing man about His activities through His Speech—Hadeeth (Adhikr). If everyone has the awareness of this fact, there happens no feelings, words, deeds etc. which one doesn’t wish to be recorded and presented on the Day of Judgment. But today, Muslims all over the world are not learning or propagating Lord’s Book anywhere; and so they are indulged in all evil activities such as communalism, selfishness, terrorism, flesh trade, smuggling. This aimless bore people by forgetting Adhikr are living giving more importance to bodily and worldly life without considering the soul and Hereafter. Thus they are actually earning Hell for the 7th phase. It is commanded to perform prayer in order to maintain the ‘Dhikree’—Soul of the Book as told in the verse 20: 14. But by rejecting Adhikr this worst people are seeing opposite genders’ sexual organs by their hearts during their prayers. As Truth Adhikr is the standard to judge on the Day of judgement one should utilize It here to weigh all his deeds. Otherwise the read, heard and touched Book will argue and witness against them, and push them to the Hell. That is why it is told about these bore people in the verse 6: 26: “They are preventing mankind about Adhikr, and are preventing themselves about It; indeed they are destroying none except themselves; but they perceive it not”. These real disbelievers who falsely boast that they are worshiping Allah and following Muhammed are actually serving Satan by following 29 pseudo prophets.

To put it brief, the fate of everyone who received the Book is into the Hell. Any male or female by utilizing Adhikr—the Guidance—can himself/herself transfer his or her fate in to the 1 who belongs to the Paradise. Thus he/her can change his name from ledger ‘Sijjeen’ to ledger ‘Illiyeen’.

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