An open letter to Dr. Zakir Naik!

In a media report you told: “Suicide bombing where innocents are killed is ‘Haraam’ (prohibited). But as tactic of war it is permitted say many scholars”.

Islamic war is between believers and disbelievers. Today there is no group of believers anywhere in the world. Instead, there are many groups of hypocrites and disbelievers all over the world in the banner of Islam. You read in the verse 4: 15 which say: “Such are the original Kafirs and We have kept reserved heinous punishment for them”. Then who are the Kafirs? Yes, different groups of Muslims are the original Kafirs.
You read in the verse 11: 17 which say: “Whoever hide the Book of Witness/Guide/Mercy/Truth from any group of Muslims, then Fire is promised to him”. And that verse ends as: “But most of the man will not believe”.
Who received the ‘Book of Witness’? Yes, the people who became bore by forgetting ADHIKR (soul of the Book) as told in the verse 25: 18 received It. Their hypocritical leaders made them ‘halal’ (permitted) the Hell—the house of bores as told in the verses 14: 28-29. Read together the verse 4:140. Through the verse 14: 30 Lord commands to the believer to say such Kafirs: “You enjoy here a little. Indeed your return is into the Fire”.
You read the verse 41:41, don’t you know what it says? It says, not Qur’an (the body of the Book) but ADHIKR is the ‘Splendid Book’ which is the soul of the Book. Believer has commanded to perform Swalath in order to maintain Dhikree (20: 14). You read in the verse 18: 100-101 which say: “Whoever had a veil on their eyes against Dhikree and whoever not able to hear It, such disbelievers will be entered into the Hell”. Read together 38: 8; 20: 124-127. The unlucky person will only omits Dhikra and he will be roast in the Big Fire, there he will not die or live as told in the verses 87: 9-12. Read together the verses 89: 23-24. Any Muslim who didn’t testify the Best Book Husna at the time of death, Lord will tell him: “You are among Kafirs” as per the verse 39: 59. Whoever hide and reject Adhikr after receiving, at the time of death he will witness that he was a disbeliever as per the verse 7: 37.
To get response for the appeal and to accept the prayer, fasting, Umra, Hajj or any deed, there are two conditions told in the verses 2: 186; 18:103-106; 25: 21-23; 47: 8-9 that he should become a believer with Adhikr—the Permission of the Lord to become a believer as told in the verse 10: 99-100. As narrated from Muslim, Prophet told as an explanation of the verse 4:118: “In every 1000 Muslims who received the Book, 999 will go to the Hell and only 1 goes to the Paradise. This ratio is fixed, well known and meaningful”. Who is that ‘1’? Yes, the male or female who holdfasts the Lord Allah by holding fast Adhikr—the Unbreakable Rope extended from Paradise to the earth—can be the ‘1’ in 1000. But you the worst hypocrites hide 7 verses that teaches: “Indeed I will fulfill the Hell together with all Jinns (Sprites) and mankind”. This Reminder—Adhikr—is revealed in order to warn those who live and to fulfill the word against the Kafir (36: 70). So for punishing the ‘other people’ who didn’t receive the Lord’s Book, you have to convey them Adhikr—the Wise Reminder for entire world. Remember that Lord says in the verse 6: 89-90: “This is nothing but a Reminder for entire worlds. If this people (Muslims) who have received the Book hide this Dhikra, We will endorse It to ‘other people’ who will not hide It”. Muslims all over the world have become unjust to their own soul as told in the verse 35: 32. For them the read, heard and touched Book will argue and witness against themselves, and will push them into the Hell.
Lord is Impartial, He will not lead anyone to the Paradise or Hell. That means every man is given freedom either to be a believer or to be a Kafir. So there is no compulsion in Dheen. If Lord had so wished, everyone should have guided in the Straightpath. Read together 2: 256. Oh you the Mujrim mentioned in the verse 7: 40, you are serving Satan without utilizing your intelligence as told in the verses 36: 59-62. If a person kills anyone anywhere in the world, you have to bear its burden near the Impartial Lord. That is why it is told in the verses 33: 72-73: “The Trust Adhikr is revealed in order to punish the hypocritical men and women, the men and women who associate others in the dominion of the Lord”.
Messenger Muhammed told: “if anyone read the body of the Book—Qur’an—without understanding Its contents, he/she will be darted away from ‘Dheenul Islam’—True way of life—as an arrow darts away from its bow”.
Recently in France, a Muslim named dacoit killed more than 85 innocent people by running a truck upon them and by firing. Oh you the worst creature near Allah as told in the verse 8: 22, all the punishment for such heinous deeds should be bored by you on the Day of Judgment since Adhikr–the Safeguard—is revealed upon you. You are not utilizing It as a Safeguard against calamities, destructions, bloodshed, the Hell etc. as well as the only Ticket to the Paradise. And you do not introduce it to the ‘other people’ as a strong weapon to do Jihad against Terrorism. You read the verse 25: 52 that the odd believer should do Jihad with Adhikr against the disbelievers who hide and reject It after receiving. Oh the men of Satan! You and your people similitude is that of a dog which will not change its attitude whether disturbed or not as told in the verse 7: 175-176. Whoever does not judge in personal, family and social life with Adhikr, he is a Kafir, wrongdoer and transgressed respectively as per the verses 5: 44-45, 47 (Read together the verse 16:64).


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