Adhikr is the Best Interpretation of the Lord's Book. It is the Splendid Book and the Speech of the Lord which explains the past, present, and future; no falsehood will enter before or after Its codification since It is from the Wise and Self-Praiseworthy Lord. It is the Food, Cloth, and Sight of the human soul for the entire mankind. It is inherited by the last Messenger’s people. But by hiding and rejecting It, they have wronged against their soul. They don’t learn, teach and propagate Lord’s Book, instead, they learn, teach and follow different books written by the hypocrites and pseudo-prophets. They have deviated into different groups after 30 years from the departure of Messenger. Most among them are considering the body of the Book (the Arabic Text), while some others are considering the meaning (the life) of It also. None of them are considering Adhikr—the Soul of the Book. Each group of them is rejoicing with what they have as told in verses 23: 53 and 30: 32.

By forgetting Lord’s Book Adhikr, they have become worthless. They are hiding even the 40 names of Lord’s Book from mankind and are only uttering the word ‘Quran’ which means ‘for repeated reading’. These Mujirims don’t utilize their intelligence bestowed by the Lord to utilize Adhikr as the Criterion and the Balance to identify the Truth and the falsehood. They are not following the Lord’s Book, instead, they are serving and following the footsteps of Satan -the disbeliever. The Impartial Lord has not considered them even as human beings since they are not hearing the Book ‘Dhikree’ even though they are not deaf and they are not talking about It to mankind even though they are not dumb. Thus, they became the worst among 1000 communities of the Lord’s creatures. All the Muslims except the believers are the transgressors and the wrongdoers. They are carrying the Lord’s Book as donkeys are carrying the burden as told in verse 62: 5. Their similitude is that of a dog that will never change its attitude whether it is disturbed or not as explained in verses 7: 175-176. These soulless people are preferring bodily and worldly life ignoring the Hereafter. They are reading the verse 5: 32 which says: ‘On account of that We prescribed upon the children of Israel that indeed, whoever kills any person except as a punishment for murder or for causing mischief in the land, it is as if he kills the whole mankind; whereas if anyone spares a life, then it is as if he grants life to the whole mankind; and surely Our Messengers have brought to them Explanations, then afterward many of them committed excesses on Earth’. But by hiding and rejecting the soul of 6236 verses, Arabic Quran reading Fujjar are involved in bloodshed, terrorism, and all such mischievous deeds all over the world and are killing the innocent people in the name of Jihad. These true disbelievers mentioned in verses 4: 150-151 are doing pseudo-Jihad in the cause of Satan. Since there is no group of believers anywhere in the world, there is no Jihad with the weapon. Instead, the odd-believer is commanded to do Jihad with Adhikr against the hypocrites and Kuffar who are hiding and rejecting It.

It is warned through the verses 6: 89- 90 that if the people of Messenger are hiding Adhikr –the Guidance and Reminder for the entire mankind–Lord Allah will entrust It to another people belonging to Messenger’s community such as Jains, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and Christians who will not hide It. Therefore, the odd-believer should help the Lord by conveying Adhikr throughout the world irrespective of nation or religion so that he can change his sins and offenses that happened before into good deeds and become heedful. There are 1000 communities of Lord’s creatures in the world, and each of them is praising and glorifying the Lord by their soul. Considering this the believer bestowed with intelligence also should do organic farming and planting trees and promote others to do so aiming to get the portion of reward from the glorification and praying of those creatures.