The 7 phases of mankind


Before men were created, Sprites (Jinns) were created and deputed on earth as the vicegerents of Lord Allah. Jinns’ bodies were created from the flame (15: 27). Both Sprite and man are granted with freedom to be grateful or ungrateful. All Angels are believers and they have no freedom of choice. When Sprites all became transgressors on earth without bearing Lord’s representation, Angels under the leadership of Iblis wiped out them completely. At that time, Iblis who belongs to Jinn as mentioned in the verse 18: 50, had not turned as a rebel Kafir Satan.

Then Lord created mankind in the Paradise in order to depute them to the earth as His vicegerents. Lord pottered the first man Adam’s body from the clay and blown from His own ‘Spirit’ (Life + Soul) into him. By blowing from ‘Lord’s Spirit’ the Lord bestowed the mankind ‘Spirit of the Book’—Adhikr—which is the constitution, ways and practices of the Lord as well as the knowledge of past, present and future. Since man is bestowed with the Spirit of the Book, he is honored above all creatures. When the Lord commanded the group of Angels including Iblis from Jinn to prostrate before Adam, all Angels prostrated except Iblis. He disobeyed the Lord and thus he became Satan—the Kafir (disbeliever) and was expelled from the Paradise. Consequently, he requested: “Oh my Lord, since You have made me aimless, I will make things on Earth seem attractive to them; I will make them all aimless astray, except your sincere servants who live serving You alone”. So Impartial Lord granted an opportunity to tempt and deviate man from the ‘Straightpath’. Further Lord told the Satan: “While I provide a child to Adam (the first man), you too will be provided with a child who can stay in human heart and travel throughout the bloodstream”. The first woman Eve was created from the soul of Adam with the command of Lord: “Be”.

In Paradise, all fruits and enjoyments except the sexual intercourse are allowed. Then by the temptation of Satan, Adam and Eve tried to enjoy the ‘forbidden fruit—the sexual intercourse’; thus their private organs were exposed. So they started to patch their nakedness with leaves from the Paradise. Their Lord called them both and asked: “Didn’t We prohibit you regarding that fruit? Didn’t We also tell you that Satan is surely the manifest enemy to both of you?” Adam, who felt sorry in the heart, was given words from the Lord for returning into the Straightpath by repenting as told in the verse 2:37. Both of them prayed: “Our Lord, we have done wrong to our soul; if You don’t forgive us and if You don’t shower your Mercy upon us, we will definitely be included among the losers”. Lord accepted their repentance; indeed He is the Oft Forgiving; Merciful.

When Lord sent men down to the earth from Paradise, He said: “Get you down all from here; while the Guidance—Adhikr—come to you from Me, anyone who follows My Guidance, upon them there shall be no fear, and for them will not be grieved”. With the rhythmic balance of the wind, Adam carrying all the children up to the Last Day on his nape and Eve were descended into the Earth as explained in the verse 2:164.

The soul of the man has to undergo seven phases, they are:-

Fate of Man!

While creating whole mankind (soul) in the Paradise, Creator Lord made a covenant from each and every one by asking: “Am I not your Lord”, all of them replied: “Yes, we do witness” (7: 172-174). That is to say, each and everyone agreed that Lord is the only authority for giving rules and regulations needed for the peace and tranquil life in this world, and only to the Lord everyone has to answer about his worldly life on the Day of Judgment.

Then transferred all of them into the nape of Adam and were sent down to the Earth. Duration of this phase/stage may vary from man to man which can’t be calculated. The Lord asks through the verse 76: 1: “Hasn’t a long period passed for man when he was nothing worth mentioning?”

Lord created body of man by mingling the sperm of father and ovum of mother in order to test him. So He blessed him with hearing and sight. When the growing embryo (sperm + ovum) having life attains four months in the womb of mother, the soul from concerned father’s nape is transferred into the fetus through an Angel. Thus the child gets the ‘Rooh’ (Spirit=both soul and life). This phase lasts till the 15th age of one’s life. Any child that dies before attaining 15th age will return to the Paradise.

This phase starts from the age of 15th and lasts up to death. This is the significant phase to identify the Lord by utilizing Adhikr—the Insight, confirm to be a believer and to prepare Paradise in order to inherit it in the 7th phase.


This phase starts when death happens; i.e. Spirit departs from the body. During sleep only the soul departs where life remains in the body. But in death Spirit departs. After death the soul alone (with no life) will be returned to the body and will taste either the Paradise (for believers) or the Hell (for disbelievers). This phase extends until the Resurrection Day.

This phase is the ‘Judgment Day’, a day as long as 50,000 years of this worldly life as explained in the verse 70: 4. In this phase whole mankind will be gathered with soul, life and body similar to the 4th phase. They will be naked, barefooted and uncircumcised. Then all will undergo Trial according the computer Record fastened around his/her neck.

This is the final destination and eternal phase of man. Whoever prepares the Paradise by utilizing Adhikr (the Light) in the 4th phase will inherit it in this phase. Those who didn’t receive the Book will be sent to other worlds (other than the Paradise or Hell) by the Lord of the worlds. They will be drunk from the ‘Kouth(s)er Lake’, a drink with which no thirst will feel forever (108: 1-3). The hypocrites and their followers, since they disregard the Splendid Book Adhikr (the Ticket to the Paradise as well as the Safeguard against the Hell) after receiving It will inherit the Hell as a fine for their aimless life in the 4th phase.

Therefore, oh man! You realize the fact that what we call ‘I’, ‘you’ is not the visible physical body! On the contrary, it is the soul. Body is the vehicle to travel for the soul. It is an earthen ‘frame or a mold’ developed by the Supreme Creator Lord. The disbelievers who by ignoring Adhikr—the Food of the soul—are preferring this temporary worldly life than the eternal Hereafter.


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