the way of 1 in 1000

Just like the human soul, soul of the 313 books (Scriptures) is the same, It is named Adhikr. The Book revealed periodically from the Paradise to the Earth is having the same soul with different bodies. That is to say if the body of ‘Bagavth Gita’ is in Sanskrit, the body of ‘Tora’ is in Hebrew, the body of ‘Injeel’ is in Aramaic, the body of ‘Zabur’ is in Greek, the body of the Qur’an is in Arabic; the soul Adhikr is the same. From first Messenger Nooh to the last Messenger Muhammad, Adhikr (Wise Message) alone is revealed as mentioned in the verses 16: 43-44; 21: 24; 41: 43 and 53: 56. All BOOKs were revealed as guidance for the entire mankind of that period and were for repeated reading. Hence all BOOKs are Qur’an. The word “Qur’an” means “the BOOK for repeated reading”. So ADHIKR should be read repeatedly!

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ADHIKR is meant for the entire worlds! If this people who received It hide It, LORD will entrust It to a people who will not do so! (6: 89-90)

the Splendid Book

Adhikr is the Splendid Book and is the speech of the Lord which explains the past, present and future; no falsehood will enter before or after its codification since It is from the Wise and Self Praiseworthy Lord. It is the Food, Cloth and Sight of the human soul for the entire mankind. It is inherited by the Muslims –the Last Messenger’s people. But they by hiding and rejecting It has become doing unjust against their soul. They do not learn and teach Lord’s Book, instead they learn, teach and follow different books written by the hypocrites and pseudo Prophets. They have been deviated into different groups after 30 years from the departure of prophet. Some of them are considering only body of the Book (the Arabic Text) while some are considering the meaning (the life) of It also. Each group of them are rejoicing with what they have as told in the verses 30: 32 and 23: 53. But none of them are learning and teaching soul of the Book –Adhikr.

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Don’t kill the Lord by killing a life! Plant trees in order to produce Oxygen absorbing Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (05:32)


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Read Adhikr &
prostrate before Lord
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Plant Tress &
Do organic cultivation!
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Live for Harmony of
Human unity!
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